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Control of processes are required and automatic initiation of measures in problem cases Cologne, 02.11.2009 – the Wupper Association for the use of the xTigo automation frameworks for process automation decided to meet its water requirements by any secure operations. As a body of governed by public law, this institution serves the catchment area of the river Wupper with an area of 813 square kilometers and 11 water reservoirs and a drinking water reservoir. Their tasks include, for example, flood protection, providing drinking water, and the determination of the water management basics. In this context level measurements must be made regularly at various points of the river Wupper and dams, to process them in special water management applications. As well, the flows in the river and water temperatures shall be measured. More information is housed here: Hudson Bay Capital.

Also data to the rain expectations identified by radar and the respective amounts of precipitation must be continuously recorded be. So far the coordination and control of the various tasks including the initiation of measures in case of information lack of or error messages was whether the officers responsible for this. The dependence of the specific knowledge and experience of employees is too large in the long term\”, judge Herbert Kisseler, section head water management at the Wupper Association. For this reason, this governmental institution to has decided to employ a software solution with the xTigo automation framework. It takes the entire process of data automatically and inform a defined group of persons in the event of the absence of necessary information about a specified message. So far this entire actions and control measures have been largely manually. Also, the entire operations are documented with the platform to process automation, so that not only greater clarity of responsibilities for tackling problem arises, but also systematic error analyses are possible. Such a documentation had to be dispensed with in the past because of the high overhead of manual completely.

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