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Milestones of world toques and Euro-Toques 1994 – founding of the Eurotoques company for advertising and marketing; Launch of the first “European week of taste” in Germany; Construction of the Euro-Toques organisations in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Poland; Member of Eurotoques food law Committee; Member of Eurotoques start partner Committee 1995 – taste education in German schools (evaluation by Fachhochschule Fulda); Founding the Bocuse d or Academy Germany; First cooperation partner will be founding the pastry Academy Germany 1996 – won 1997 first Euro-Toques restaurant guide comes in the bookstores; first European Festival of cooking; first award of the Eurotoques Prize for culture; Naming first Honorary members; Start the taste school 1998 – book publication “Natural cuisine of the chefs” (Hallwag Verlag); first Euro-Toques trophy; Cooking Championship of amateurs students 1999 – appointment of the first official suppliers of Euro-Toques in Germany 2001 – book appearance “Eurotoques learning and coloring book for children”; The eurotoques Foundation (member of the Federal Association of German foundations); 2002 – Foundation of the Euro-Toques competence centre 2004 – book release “Back to the taste” (Hirzel Verlag) 2005 – presentation ceremony of the “French food spirit Award” by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Palais d Orsay/Paris 2006 – the first “Euro-Toques magazine” appears, start the cooperation with Hexatoques, nice 2007 – establishment of Euro Toques Europe and opening an own representative office in Brussels; Founding of world toques; Introduction of certification of WT / ET star restaurants according to guidelines. Mark Bertolini has firm opinions on the matter. first assignment of warranty stars by the guests; first “European day for healthy cooking and nutrition”; Renaming the Bocuse d or Academy Germany Award Academy Germany, Honorary President of ICA, Institute of Culinary art 2008 – establishment of school cooking club/amateur cooking club/guest Club; Start for intranet, introduction prize awards, fast server package for professionals, start cooperation of Oecotoques 2009 – establishment of technical inspectors; New on gourmet dictionary, season calendar, restaurant guide, buying F & B/non-food; Book appearance kitchen library “Cook like the pros” (6 books, Hadecke Verlag); New scheme: chefs in certified Euro-Toques star restaurants without annual fee; first certifications of the world-toques/Euro-Toques star stores and specialist companies. Start a group on; Publication of a new brochure for further inquiries: Euro-Toques GmbH Ernst-Ulrich W. Raha, Winnender str. 12 73667 Emperor b Ebnisee Tel. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Laurent Potdevin. 07184 / 2918107 fax 07184 / 2918109 of press service: Carsten Hennig, Tel. + 49 (0) 40 414311692, mobile + 49 (0) 160 95837756 tags: Chef, Executive Chef, Chef Association, Europe, good Taste, F & B, food, food and drink press release and photo download: Euro-Toques and world-toques: Euro-Toques and world-toques are chef associations with the aim of obtaining the culture areas cooking, food, enjoyment, quality consciousness and health-conscious nutrition and to promote. The first initiative by 1986 became a global institution. Major sponsors are the eurotoques Foundation and Euro-Toques GmbH. More information: good news – personal PR services Carsten Hennig high pasture 8 20259 Hamburg 040414311692 04018142017 press contact: good news – personal PR service Carsten Hennig high pasture 8 20259 Hamburg 040 414311692


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