The Social Contract

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All the conveniences must well be observed together with the natural relations and the permanence of the law. The government is an intermediate body between the subject and the sovereign. The governing or those that are to the front of the power cannot be so numerous not to weaken, therefore, the will that must prevail is of the people, who is the main one. 3,1 Forms of Rousseau Government analyze the government forms (democratic, aristocratic and monarchic), being well clearly in what it says respect on the democracy, therefore the same one are impracticable. The general interest is that one that must is above of all the others aiming at the good to be social. The Social Contract has for basic rule to always establish the general will, as already cited previously. The aristocracy (natural, elective or hereditary), Rousseau in them presents the hereditary one as the desvirtuosa and favorable equality.

The monarchy, the individual represents the collective being, that is, the particular will reigns and dominates. It does not agree so little nor approves the monarchy hereditary (he is hard to support the luxury of the cut). In this direction, Rousseau in them presents the consideraes on the form and the governmental apparatus. The law is an act that institutes the government, however all existing law in the State can be revoked depending on the general will, this in turn is indestructible. The State becomes thus the responsible one for the general will. In the government if they find forces intermediate, whose relations compose a bigger approach of all with all or the sovereign with the State. If in the governments they do not predominate the particular will in total agreement with the general will, thus keeping between the members a good one relation, everything will be very oppressing. Therefore, the government in accordance with the amount of the people must be strong offering the same ones, taking of decisions that can offer dignity of life in favor of the common good.


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