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The carpets are good allies in the home to bring about different decorative effects according to their colors and textures. Its calidez contributes to the stays comfort and comfort. This article tries to approach the world of the carpets from its varieties to like conserving them. Different types from carpets? China. Of it soothes, it has animal or floral printings. Jarapa. Of Arab origin, it is realised with rest of weaves. Formerly they were used like protectors of mattresses.

Kilim. Typical of Anatolia, they are of small size, with geometric forms and alive colors. Moroccan. Of origin to bereber, geometric wool and drawings. Spanish knot. With religious or floral reasons, they are tiled with a single naked one on the base. Persian.

Woven by hand with asymmetric knot and geometric or floral drawings. The Gabbeth is a smaller variety. Artisan or industrial? Differences. In artisan each knot one subjects to the base by hand; in the industrialist tail or glue is united by means of. First he is unique and it is possible to be recovered without varying the color or the drawing. Prices. Some artisan ones are true pieces of museum. Its price can be very high. How to maintain them in good state? Wool. The woven ones to machine can be aspired on a daily basis. The artisan ones of knots must be cleaned with a humid cloth in the sense of the hair and let dry. Cotton. Asprala and lvala in cold water or dry. Vegetal fibers. They admit cleaning in dry and you can inhale them without problems. For those of the Coco, it uses a rigid brush. Elgelas with Antipolillas treatments. In those of wool it is essential because they are very vulnerable to these insects. Anticaros, non-flammable. They are applied in the synthetic ones to repel the dust, anti-fire Antimanchas. It can occur on any weave, to make them more resistant and lasting. Keys to guess right in their election In the infantile rooms are advisable to show preference for carpets more resistant than they are easy to wash and with short hair to avoid the accumulations of pppolvo In the hall it combines with the furniture and the chromatic tones of his decoration. For small spaces, the carpets with clear tones they contribute amplitude; whereas the dark carpets give the sensation to reduce them. Before buying the carpets for your home you must decide on quality pieces, in the market is a good supply quality price. The price is based on its form of manufacture and the type of weave as well as of its color. The use is necessary to have present that is going away to give to him, not only are good decorative complements also are good acoustic insulators and by all means they provide heat to us. In addition they hide imperfections and they protect grounds.


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