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Financial Crisis

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 18, 2016 in News

They have made me now arrive this good explanation from professor of IESE Leopoldo Abbey in Sonnenfeld Group on the financial crisis that whips the markets since I open the crisis of the mortgages prevails in the USA. Although it is certain that the crisis is not affecting the same to all the sectors (the sale of flights, hotels, trips and courses of English not it note as much has ended up affecting us all. It has perished to me very interesting and formative so I have thought that it was worth pain to reproduce it here to him: CRISIS 2007-2008. Get more background information with materials from Elon Musk. History is the following one: 2001. Explosion of bubble Internet.

The Federal Reserve of the United States lowers in two years the price of the money from 6. 5% to 1%. This drugs a market that began to take off: the real estate market. In 10 years, the real price of the houses multiplies by two in the United States. During years, the effective types of interest in international the financial markets have been exceptionally low. This has caused that the Banks have seen that the business to them became smaller: They gave loans to a low interest Paid something by the deposits of the clients (zero if the deposit are in current account and, if in addition, they acquire Commission of Maintenance, they paid something less) But, however, the Margin of Intermediation (to less b) decrecA somebody, then, in America, it were happened to him that the Banks had to make two things: To give more dangerous loans, by which they could acquire more interests To compensate the low Margin increasing the number of operations (1000 xs little are more than 100 xs little) As far as first (more dangerous credits), they decided: To offer mortgages to a type of clients, ninja (not income, not job, not assets; that is, people without fixed income, fixed use, properties) To acquire more interests to them, because there was more risk Of taking advantage of the real estate boom.


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Personal Development

Posted by laurapayne on May 26, 2014 in News

When you arrive at the last page, it closes the book. " There are many tools, contributions that collaborate significantly in the growth, personal development of each, according to the interest, dedication that is put to him in its use, once its reach has been determined, repercussions; exactly one of those significant contributions that they collaborate for being better, to know how to use suitably the life opportunity and to guarantee a conduct to us fortifies that us in our behavior, relations, is Programacin Neurolingstica (PNL). The PNL is the study of the subjective human experience, as we organized what we perceived and as we reviewed and filtered the outer world by means of our senses. In addition. it explores with we transmitted our representation of the world through language.

The Neurolingstica programming is a pragmatic school of thought that provides tools and abilities for the development with states of excellence in communication and change. Wikipedia, remembers to us, that the neurolingstica Programming is system to prepare (to program), systematically our mind (neuro), and to obtain that it communicates of effective way what we thought and so we do (linguistic), obtaining therefore a congruence and effective communication through a strategy that focuses to the human development. It studies how we communicated with we ourself (intrapersonal communication) and how we communicated with others (interpersonal communication), the Neurolingstica Programming (PNL) is a school of pragmatic thought that maintains that in last instance all human conduct is developed on one " estructura" or " it soles of pensamiento" learned, which can be detected to be modeled (copied) by other people and to obtain similar results in this way. It maintains that it is possible to change or to reprogramar this strategy or group of thought, if there is something limits it or to harness some resource, behavior or belief, with the aim to improve the quality of life.


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Best Equipment

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That clearly. Goals and Means Like networkers, the equipment must have their objectives additionally. And since such have to be in writing, they must be singular and commensurable, as much with period as in fruits. Long before introducing itself to conform part of a personnel, you must be able to verify which are the goals which have defined. You never let yourself impress by the fruits that have obtained until that point, pdeles that shows to you what plans have considered to obtain for the next months, for the next year, and others.

Formation and Tools the profession of the Networker requires of a constant direction like it happens in different professions. This formation can be crucial whenever some person gets up for the first time the staff because for several this task she practically can be not known to day of today. The formation must be rich with different points, proporcionndote the HOW-TO (EL CMO TO DO IT) of the questions, and never remain in solely motivational commentaries of the type, you can! , you are going it to obtain! , we are the best equipment! , etc. The motivation at no moment offers the knowledge you precise to know how to realise the things, to only it encourages you to you carry out that them but with that it is not sufficient to you. In order to conclude, the staff must have alternatives that authorize to their members obtaining to make their activity of faster and simple form. These options they would have to cover all possible areas with a business multilevel. The author is a Networker it jeopardize to teach his knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) all to those people who wish to improve their results in this industry. You can by all means accede to the complete article the Best Equipment in Multinivel Marketing and to other articles like for example Before Beginning in Network Marketing.

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