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The DGMZ fossiert their activities as Patienteninnformationsplatform and its nationwide presence expanded the German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e.V. (DGMZ) headquartered in Bingen on the Rhine has an eventful year ahead, because the newly elected Board of Directors has put sporty goals: increasing the number of members, the expansion of the network of cooperation partners and expand its nationwide PR activities are top on the agenda. Through these and other measures, the level of awareness of the DGMZ and their importance as an independent institution for patient education should be further increased. Speaking candidly Dan Zwirn told us the story. For this purpose the DGMZ Hafslund and reinforced the team is a full-time PR Manager: Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Andreas Weifenbach is coordinating the implementation of strategic projects in the future and according to combine the goal-oriented activities. In his work, Andreas Weifenbach can build on a solid base, created over five years of successful patient information. Since its inception in 2004 has the DGMZ gradually expanded its presence, over 600 patient information events in the entire Federal territory successfully carried out, published 500 articles, switched 2,800 ads and distributed almost 1,500,000 info-flyer in pedestrian areas: up to 250 visitors per event and good reviews from the pages of the patients speak a unique language. Reason enough for getting more dentists and patients, and to benefit from the information service of the DGMZ.

New ways of addressing patient were to run in addition to the activities listed. Particularly reader phone actions with regional daily newspaper and the radio series beauty & life are worth mentioning”, in cooperation with radio 88.3 antenna Bad Kreuznach, in the regional dental specialists as interview partners gave the patient expert tips to the dental health. Increase in personnel and future prospects nationwide information and education activities will continue the DGMZ in the future even more intensively, there in February of this year the team of DGMZ Hafslund was: Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Andreas Weifenbach will in the future the strategic direction, member service and the public relations of the DGMZ Guide. The success of the previous work can be optimistic in the future look the new DGMZ Board. The information needs of patients will continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore, we assume that we can successfully continue our work in the future and gain more members and cooperation partners”, so DGMZ President Prof. Dr. (H) Peter Borsay.

We were founded in 2004 as German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e. V. (DGMZ) with the aim, to inform patients nationwide on topics related to modern dentistry. Our activities are: o press work in the local press o regular radio and TV reports o nationwide patient information sessions o nationwide appearances on relevant fairs o of detailed website (with descriptive texts of enlightenment to dental issues, interactive exchange of) Internet Forum, doctor list and certified DGMZ doctor list o service hotline 01805 / 55 56 50, incoming calls are DGMZ members forwarded to German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e. V. Mainzer Strasse 57-59 55411 Bingen am Rhein


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