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One gets the impression that Moscow is becoming more orthodox city – the new churches are being built almost any in each district, historic religious buildings carefully restored. Despite the variety of places where You can go to a service or to light a candle, some temples and monasteries have value not only religious but also from a historical and cultural perspectives. When it comes to Moscow's churches, the first thing that comes to mind – well-known Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Visit his worth in any case – that luxury (and those spent on the repair of money) is hardly found in other churches in Moscow. In addition, the temple is very beautiful place – on the shore Moskva River in the heart of Moscow. Christ the Savior Cathedral – the highest Orthodox church in the world. In addition to the architectural merits, the temple boasts a dramatic history.

After lengthy construction works, the consecration of the temple took place on the day of the coronation of Alexander iii – May 26, 1883. Temple existed until 1931, when he was blown up. The original temple reliefs, however, managed to preserve – they were brought to the Donskoy Monastery. After the collapse of The Soviet Union it was decided to rebuild the temple. The beginning of this was laid in late 1990. Originally engaged in the restoration of Alexei Denisov, who was then replaced by Zurab Tsereteli. The church was completely renovated consecrated in August 2000. Another cathedral became a symbol of Moscow, is St.

Basil's Cathedral on Red Square. His image appears on tourist postcards perhaps more often than species Kremlin. The history of the church began in 1555 when its construction was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible. Since then much has changed around the cathedral, but he stands in the same place and is a real gem of Moscow. Now the cathedral is also a museum. More One prominent religious building in Moscow is the Church of the Ascension in Kolomna. It was built in 1532 and has been listed as World Heritage by unesco. The church of white marble was built in honor of born heir to the throne – a future of Ivan the Terrible. This is the oldest of the buildings in Kolomna, come down to our days. Among the monasteries of Moscow's most interesting are the Donskoy, Danilov (male) and Novodevichy (female). Danilov Monastery is located on the right bank of the Moskva River. Since 1983 he serves as "headquarters" of the Russian Orthodox Church. The monastery was built in 13 century son of Alexander Nevsky Daniel, who took his monastic vows and settled in this monastery. This monastery was the last in Moscow that the Soviet authorities closed (v1929), and the first one that was returned to the Moscow Patriarchate (in 1983). In 1988 he was restored. Donskoy Monastery is considered main monasteries in Moscow. It was founded in 1591 to commemorate the liberation of Moscow from the invasion of the Crimean Kaza Giray. Like all other religious institutions in the Soviet period the monastery was closed. In some of his premises placed Borstal. Also included transporting the remains of many destroyed churches. Novodevichy convent, perhaps the most famous monastery of the capital. He has not changed since 17 century, and in 2004 was included in the list of unesco world cultural heritage. The famous monastery brought not only the old cathedral, and other architectural monuments, but also a cemetery where many famous people are buried and where the flock Hundreds of their fans.


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