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Their use in already realised projects in Bochum, Stuttgart and Bonn – was about to identify quickly: young people are attracted by them, and they like to use. Exclusive NUSSER timelessly attractive outstanding inter generative models to take a short break the lingering helps Lal and INCENTRO include models PLUS – can be used at bus stops or public venues. The special needs of elderly people on benches reflected PLUS model ROTHENBURG in the NUSSER. At first glance, the highly successful design of the well-known Esslinger presents designer Andy Rayer as delicate and nimble-footed steel footrest. Recently Laurent Potdevin sought to clarify these questions. It offers yet precisely that stability and security, the elderly attach great importance.

This generation Bank through special armrests as central armrests, an ergonomically curved seat, the upright seating position is comfortable and optionally an integrated footrest. The variable height also allows a greater distance to the ground. It facilitates that significantly Once again standing up. ROTHENBURG PLUS in different wooden equipment is to choose (Kambala, FSC hardwood, Pagholz). But also the NUSSER Bank models ARBOR, KIEL, singing and LuBBENAU offer the perfect comfort for the age. But it prohibits of them as mere senior benches”to speak. Chic your comfort attractive for all age groups is inviting you. “” Theme world space “-a special show at the Altenpflege trade fair, by the way: together with the journal city and space” the Winnender specialist for outdoor furnishing of their concern embraces also continue to own. “” In the framework of a special world of subject of space “at the Altenpflege trade fair” presents NUSSER city furniture from 9 to 11 April 2013 in Nuremberg the study results as well as the senior friendly solutions from his own House also publicly again a pulse for age appropriate beautiful future.

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