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Chest freezers – freezers are the horizontal type, which are used for freezing and storage of various products at temperature. following types of chest freezers: 1. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Laurent Potdevin. Chest freezers with direct sliding steklamiU this type of refrigeration transparent glass lid. Stores use them to store and display frozen food buyers. A glass from which the cover is made even stronger impact remains safe. Such freezing chests can be used for sales in the street, both inside the glass is covered with a special composition, which does not penetrate the thermal rays vnutr.2. Chest freezers with curved steklamiDannoe commercial equipment are also designed for storing and displaying produktov. they first sight of his cap.

It looks more attractive and modern, and therefore used more degree in the major stores and supermarketah3.Morozilnye laris sloping lid and straight steklamiEti refrigerated cases are more comfortable viewing angle products stored inside. Therefore, they are gaining increasingly popular as a medium, to large stores. 4. Chest freezers with blind caps Larry with a dull cover set is usually in the stands or back rooms for storage of inventory. 5. Corner freezer This chest refrigeration equipment got its name thanks to an effective form.

It saves space and is situated at the junction of the other two chest freezers. 6. Chest freezers – Chest freezers bath – baths are designed for storage, display and sale of frozen foods in supermarkets. These refrigerated cases are not a lot, and successfully make it possible to effectively use and fill the space commercial premises.


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