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RESPONSIBLE UNIT Emvista is a program developed for the Agency of Development of Is Joo of the Boa Vista, in contribution with the Secretariat of Planning and Management of the City. SECULAR HORIZON the Program will be carried through in two years, with beginning in January of 2011 and ending in January of 2013. TOTAL VALUE OF PROGRAM AESATIVIDADESANO 01ANO 02 1. Activities with the comunidadeContratao of Professors, equipment purchase, rent of the physical space. Human resources $ 100,000, Human 00Recursos 100,000, 00 Equipment (computer, dates show, etc) R$57.000, 00Gastos with maintenance of the material equipment/R$30000,00 Expenses with materials (water, light, materials clerical) R$40.000, 00Gastos with materials (water, light, materials clerical) R$40000,00 Rent of the space 50000,00Aluguel of space 50000,00 2. InformativasDisseminao campaigns of folders, posters, impression, distribution.

R$70.000, 00R$70.000, 00 3. Course of FormaoContratao of consulting specialists/in education R$ 25,000, 00 R$ 25,000, 00 4. Establishment of PareceriasEstabelecimento of partnerships for the inclusion of the young in the market of work R$ 30,000, 00 R$ 30,000, 00 R$372.000 Total, 00R$345.000, 00 AVALIAO/INDICADORES Evaluation former-before – We will analyze the quality of the education in the city, and the level of escolaridade of our white public, therefore thus, will be able to establish one better proposal didactic, condizente with the reality of our white public; – The perception of the individual concerning its educational and professional conditions will be carried through a questioning to arise which; – the conditions of education and professional chances of the city before the implementation of the program considered here will be elaborated questionnaires evaluating. – Reports from the collected data will be elaborated. Former-post evaluation – we will analyze if the program after, and the access of the people who had participated of the program in the work market improved, and if therefore, our project reached its objective; – Interviews with the participants of the project on possible improvements in the development of the program will be carried through; – The partial reports will be grouped in an only final report, contend them to seem technician, pointers of the access to the participants of the program in the work market, the level of income before and after participating of the project; as well as suggestions for possible improvements in the next works to be developed.


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