Civil Society

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The task most arduous of any manager is presented here, over all if to take in account the relationary, politician-ideological difficulties that they permeiam, resist and if they oppose in these corporativistas environments and that they possess a so heterogeneous and so resistant human material the changes as this. Fact presented in speaks of the author. Ebay can aid you in your search for knowledge. The corporativismo was same a superior passion to any rational arguments. (P.: 302). It is interesting if to perceive that one of the resistncias that if establish on a manager of the security, whichever the step where this acts if of the one in the conduction of its human material. What it asks for that this possesss an enormous capacity of joint and dialogue.

Luiz Eduardo explains this difficult task for the manager, when he speaks of the work of cooperation in an environment already evidenced as corporativista to the point to surpass the rationality capacity. She is necessary to make politics, he wants to say, to operate cooperatively and conflitivamente in the city, the public space. (…). He more does not have science complicated and more difficult art of what the craft to act in collective, wants to say, in cooperation and in conflict, also molding the future of the community. (P.: 100). Working in cooperation is a far from easy action, therefore it involves the art politics of the negotiation, of yielding at some moments, defending ideologies and position, to accept or to oppose it the other. It is a science and it demands a nimbleness that is only learned making. Walked of construction of this the politics of security imposes ‘ ‘ ambiguous defeats and profits ‘ ‘ , but necessary in a democratic community. The participation of all and the importance of the Civil Society.


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