Cots Basic Rules

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Cot – this is the first piece of furniture that should get the parents. Availability of beds is more important than having a stroller, and it is in her baby will spend most of their time all the early years life. Of its convenience and spaciousness depends on a healthy and sound sleep of the child, and a pledge of his health and normal growth. So treat the purchase of beds should be the most responsible, and not try to save money on it. Cots for children in today's market it is very easy to buy, they are sold even in supermarkets. But we must not make a mistake with her choice, because these beds can vary greatly both in appearance and in construction (crib-rocking crib on wheels, beds with removable bottom, regular beds), and the materials used (from the tree to the special plastic), and various additional features (the presence of the cradle for a newborn, a special system rocking the baby, the ability to change size beds).

Make the choice easy, the main thing here to think about the future and try to ensure your child's most convenient for him the crib, which he did not have enough for one year, with Given the growth and the need to move more. Cots are such furniture to be comfortable and the parents and child. For this purpose, various solutions – rocking, sinking sides, removable bumpers or the possibility of tilting the side walls. Thus, parents can always easily get out of bed baby and cot bumpers will be lifted with the safest for the baby infants. The presence of high walls, through which the child can not move – a requirement of security for any crib. Beds are made mostly of wood, and this is the most environmentally friendly and clean material that breathes well and provides proper ventilation beds. Most desirable that the crib was just out of the tree. Found a lot of beds of metal or plastic – the use of these materials can often extend functionality crib. When buying a crib to make sure its safe – the child in any case should not be able to reach out to the speakers of metal parts. To dream the child was most comfortable, best immediately complete with crib and buy the appropriate size mattress and linens.

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