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Many rules developed throughout the years of how responding correctly to the questions of the interviewers in a work interview have existed. When responding questions of the interview, this is the first rule Rule #1 – an attitude Maintains positive Always! Responding the question ” Which is its greater weakness? ” it can be your opportunity to shine. A way is demonstrating that you are a positive person by nature. Everybody it likes a person with a positive character. It remembers that these in the interview they engage so that you for the vacancy, reason why you could respond: ” Rarely I put myself to think about me in those terms, nevertheless, I want to respond to him his pregunta” or something by that style. You can be given account of which I did not say ” that rarely I put myself to think about my debilidades.” There am a gold rule here that always is applied: You do not use or you repeat negative terms. Here there are three other rules that I suggest to him follows: Rule # 2 – it does not use superlative! It maintains its conversation in singular.

Superlative like ” more grande” , ” more pequeo” or ” more dbil” they indicate the greater degree than it is being described. ” Worse debilidad” it is the weakness of the highest degree which implies that there is other weak points of major or minor degree, but despite, that other weaknesses exist. That poses the question to him to the interviewer ” Then which are the others? ” In the same way, ” I need mejorar” it implies that other areas for improvement exist. In any case, this like an alternative tries: It does not use negative words and it does not use words that indicate multiples. Rule # 3 – it does not use absolute! The absolute one, like for example ” my weakness is ” , it affirms that the weakness exists unconditionally: absolutely fixed and without change possibilities.

He would not be better to be a little less restrictive, something more conditional like ” it could be that I ” Conditional answers suggest completely you are not convinced that thus it is. This type of answer also obtains and so the technique to use one ” fuerza” in order to describe a weakness it does not manage – that after all your ” debilidad” in truth it is not a weakness. Rule #4 You must of being realistic! Your ” debilidad” it must be one (singular), and that is subjective – of your person. It remembers to use phrases that are human, not-absolute and conditional. For example, it could be the case where a potential weakness turned out to be a learning experience and later it became personal assets, which gives you, once again, an opportunity to show your forces. In summary Haga its task. It thinks critically and he is honest with same you. Pregntele to its friendly or companions help who it in this aspect: that honestly they think what could be its weakness. When you have the answer, tmalo very in serious. This way what you say it will not sound ” ensayado” , rather you will sound ” very consciente” – conscious of itself, a characteristic that all we valued.


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