Electronic Billing

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Thanks to great technological advances, nowadays, is there way to send and receive invoices in a virtual way. Yes, you can perform processes that you never imagined just and such is the case of invoices, better known as electronic invoices. You will need to know for your peace of mind, that an electronic invoice is a document that must comply with those regulations and legal requirements, such as happens with traditional invoices with paper and similarly support also, turn out to be fully functional at the time of invoice any amount. Any type of electronic invoice can be stored or managed or exchanged depending on the case, through virtual means such as e-mail. In the management of an electronic invoice, must first be created and stored in a data file, then proceed to your signature with a digital certificate with a digital stamp, which will only be the reflection that the ownership of the same issuer the invoice and at the same time, ensure that the issuer who signed the invoice is who he claims to be, and also that the contents of the same invoice is not altered in any way. With this new method the companies are able to save time and money and also provides the company an image much more efficient and innovative. A. Verastegui hold..

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