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If you visit the cafes and restaurants, you have to navigate the world of wine. To do this, we are publishing label of French wines. Acquainted with this label, you'll probably know what quality you drink offer in some cafe or restaurant. MARKING OF FRENCH WINES: VDT (Vins de Table) – Marking the French table wines. For the production of wines with this label is used grapes grown in different places, year of release for such Wine is not specified.

In Russia, the wife in this category of wines too high. VDP (Vins de Pays) – marking the local wines of France. Wines in this category is made on a strictly defined territories with the characteristic varieties of grapes for the area. Most of the wines are varietal (made from grapes of one variety) and the denomination is necessarily present on the label. VDQS (Vins Delimite de Qualite Superieur) – marking the highest quality wines, parameters are monitored. These wine tastings are subject to mandatory and are made on a strictly limited areas.

AOC (Appelation d, Origine Controlee) – this label is assigned to only the best wines of France. Age vine, which is used for the production of wine in the AOC is not less than four years. In the Russian market under the brand AOC wines great rarity. Chateau – this marking in French means "castle." Wines from Chateau prefix to produce wine region of France – Bordeaux. So if you find a bottle labeled "Chateau – Cleon" which means that before you Bordeaux wine produced in areas where there is an ancient Cleon castle. All wines are prefixed with Chateau – high quality wines, you can list a few: "Chateau Lafite-", "Chateau Klim", "Chateau Margaux", etc. Medok – marking applies to ordinary (without a long exposure time) wines made from mixture of different grape varieties. Wines from this label are not fancy, but quite good quality. Bordeaux – marking is a collective name for about four dozen ordinary (without long aging wine). Such wine France produces about half a billion bottles. The wine is quite decent. Premier cru – marking is assigned to only high quality wines. "Premier Cru" means the level of the highest quality, followed in descending order are "Dezem Crew" – the second stage, "Truazem Crew" – the third stage, "Katren Crew" – the fourth stage and the "Senko Crew" – the fifth lowest level of quality. If the French wine and the vineyard name Appelation in letters the same size, then in front of you high-quality wine class Premier cru. Food lovers are advised that if you visit the restaurants in Chelyabinsk, drink good wine like good wine consumption is beneficial to humans, of course in moderation.


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