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It is more than evident that this Mr. What did was collect 200 euros for a job that was not within its competence, and that what he did was Brown ears to his client. When doing this type of valuations without real knowledge of the market, is this cheating and creating illusions which become major disappointments for those who have need to sell. To end the meeting with this Mrs. say I offered the 25 thousand euros, price which was totally fair. As sample indicate that the deals that took from the Gemological Institute of Spanish not surpassed the 10 thousand euros.

That’s what I call usury. On the other hand I have contrary examples but with malice by the customer. A few months ago I bought a Lord a 10 ktes diamond for a 120 thousand euros. Mr. selling has been separated from his wife, being that the diamond had been the ring of ordered. When I offered him the aforementioned amount told me that it was very little, and that that ring had cost him in the year 81, 1 million pesetas, and that was foolish for not buying an apartment instead of a diamond.

The money that I gave him, and I paid him, was priced fair, but customer adorn me your Diamond by comparing it to another investment that we are now seeing that not It was as profitable as they were led to believe. Everything has its price, but we cannot think that the passage of time will make something that is bad in itself, good with the passing of the years. My advice is that anything to buy, and to be susceptible of revalued, do so with head and a highly professional establishment. And that doesn’t mean go to renowned establishments, there will pay much more than they really should cost what you buy.

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