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Anoticiados of its content were waiting for the publication in the Bulletin official of the Republic Argentina, of Argentine law 26.473. This came to pass Wednesday, January 21, 2009. As stated in article 4, of the same: this law enters into force the day of its publication in the Official Gazette.It was sanctioned the 17de December 2008, and in fact promulgated on January 12, 2009. This is completed all the constitutional requirements for its entry into force. Reads your article 1st: banned, as of December 31, 2010, the import and marketing of incandescent lamps for general residential use throughout the territory of the Republic Argentina. Its article 2 sets: empower the national executive power to derogate for technical, functional and operational reasons, on products subject to the measure, through the mechanisms and methodology established for this purpose.

And article 3, specifies: the National Executive You can enact the necessary measures to facilitate the importation of low consumption lamps, parts, supplies, components and/or equipment necessary for its production, reducing or releasing levies and taxes of importation through the powers that are conferred on the Customs Code of the Republic of Argentina. (End of articulated). We initiated this communication, expressing that we were waiting for the entry into force of this law, because anoticiados of its content, when the herself it was only a parliamentary project, we visualizabamos it how susceptible is becoming a sort of paradigm, in order take the multidimensional crisis that entered the planet, being environmental and energy dimension your face more visible. There is consensus at least on the scientific means that this crisis has a strong component antropico. I.e. that it has been generated by deliberate human attitudes. Let us be precise: by human groupings with enough power to do so. Taken as turning points: the release of the price of gold and the Conference on the environment in Stockholm in 1972 and the release of the price of oil in 1973; in recent years, and particularly since the celebration of Eco 92, in Rio de Janeiro, is growing awareness that must take steps to reverse a State of affairs that violates the same viability of the possibility of life on the planet.

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