Posted by laurapayne on May 4, 2013 in News | is an initiative carried out by authors via the Internet portal of the same name, whose objective is to bring his literary works to readers free of charge, to ensure that they are known and valued as they deserve. Through this portal, readers can read direct and free books, comics and stories in their entirety, also having the possibility to acquire if want you the paper version, or download them in various eBook formats for playback in the increasingly popular portable readers. Already known of the traditional book market saturation, compounded by the current recession, prevents the majority of writers can reach to display and demonstrate their talent and publish their work. This has become necessary search and creation of new publishing channels, and Internet has become the main platform where to place these alternatives of expansion, a global showcase where do get unpublished writings to the general public. Are already more than eighty authors of several countries that show his books at, providing more than 150 works, readers can download or read online in high quality at full screen.

Along with authors you novice or less known we can also find writers honored with several prestigious awards. And every day premiered, as a minimum, a new work of fiction, poetry or comic. Added values, are offered as a bookmark that will remind us to leave where you read on our last visit, a forum where to exchange views with other users of the portal, a library staff where have our electronic books ready for download at any time, the possibility of leaving our views on the works, a bulletin to be aware of the news, and even the possibility of making a donation to the author whose work we liked especially. Participation with own works in this initiative is, of course, completely free and open to all authors, regardless of their style, nationality or language. Antonio Arteaga, eventual founder of Stratos (, the largest Hispanic community of developers of video games and multimedia in the world, is also the creator and coordinator of this initiative. There is a lot of talent and creativity in every imaginable segment of human activity, hoping to be able to show, and the scope of the literature is one of them. With we will try to, together, contribute our grain of sand to help the promotion and recognition of that talent, ensures. can visit in the direction, and is also accessible via social networks like Facebook.


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