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We are open to the impact of multiculturalism that can manifest itself in any company, product of the dynamic manifestation of globalization, which makes manifest the influx of people from different countries working in a specific, for example, there is much in United States , Europe and even Latin American countries. Multiculturalism can be defined as the conjunction of several cultures. In any healthy organization, the cultures that converged there must be known, understood and even intuited by its members and that in this way promotes a sense of coherence between thought and action of those who compose it. The lack of clarity and consistency in the set of beliefs, values and practices that govern them can lead to business failure.

An example of the importance of the fact that management take account of multiculturalism in organizations is based on the fact that many mergers have been frustrated at not being able to integrate different cultures, and possibly had little incursions successful governed territories by different mentalities. Globalization poses new requirements of change within companies. Companies, governments and people should understand what globalization is, what generates it and what effects are derived. Can we talk about the globalization of the world, a country of a specific industry, even from an economic and political. Globalization poses a growing interdependence among countries, as reflected in the growing international flows of goods, services, capital and knowledge. In the modern global economy, relations between people, regions and countries are not accidental or passive, but are active integration mechanisms that enhance and change the international economic life.


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