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For the Russians it is also a great chance to express yourself. Except patient Shannon Briggs and 44-year-old Evander Holyfield to his credit and no major victories so far he has not received recognition. Recall, the winner of Klitschko-Ibragimov is a world champion once on two versions of professional Boxing: IBF and WBO. There is still WBA – where is the champion Ruslan Chagaev and WBC – the champion of which is determined to fight Oleg Maskaev – Samuel Peter. Most experts predict victory in a fight with Klitschko Ibragimov. On his side of the scale: 1.Opyt: strong portfolio of wins (the last three years, he defeated Peter Austin, Calvin Brock, Chris Byrd and Lamon Brewster.) 2.Fizicheskie parameters: it is a head taller than Ibragimov (literally) and nearly a couple dozen pounds heavier.

And without the extra weight. There are no problems with stamina. 3.Otlichno posed technique, tactics and impact: a favorite scheme Klitschko – a fight at a distance and direct treatment of the enemy left (jab). Straight right and left Ukrainian side attaches only to situations hundred percent, especially when the opponent is tired. This tactic Klitschko completely closed its main drawback – the weak chin.

Penetrate the defense can only be a very powerful puncher – Samuel Peter with a bang, but with the technique of Chris Byrd. Alas, like Ibragimov can not boast. In addition to weak jaws of other serious deficiencies in Klitschko's not noticeable. If Klitschko wins, then the end of his era can put only one of the young boxers, because of his serious opponents odnogodok no longer visible. But Ibragimov is not so simple as it seems. Recently, Sultan Ibragimov claimed that no doubts about its superiority over Klitschko. Russians know how to beat series and beat quickly, and accurately hit unexpectedly, and after again jump back to a safe distance. What is not enough for him to win? Force of impact and endurance. Alas, to knock Klitschko, as already stated, require remarkable force that can penetrate the defense. Then it may be enough and one or two strokes. But there is no asset in a Ibragimov. Also, there are doubts in endurance Russians – hardly his ability to run out Klitschko all 12 rounds. Holyfield vs. Ibragimov and Briggs was able to box 12 rounds, for the battle was at a low pace. But with Austin, and even with Vitekerom – high boxers Ibragimov seriously exhausted by the middle of a fight. Indeed, high Boxers need more and move faster. And if you do not possess stamina, then 12 rounds do not last long. But Klitschko still higher and more powerful in Austin, which, incidentally, is a Ukrainian knockout in round 2 (but with reduced Ibragimov Austin bout a draw on points). Regardless of the result of a duel, the interest in boxing will be heated. Even the American public, which is seriously discussing the upcoming match, despite the fact that fighting is not their countrymen. Perhaps first observed in the U.S. such a strong interest in a duel of people not of their country. Information site about boxing Sports Boxing.

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