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In order to achieve thrive in an integral way, I invite you to develop the power of self-reference. Does it means to be a person auto referred? very simple, is to have as reference point, despite the redundancy, if same. Be self referral is live longer according to your internal compass that the external dictates. Live a life according to your standards, according to your criteria and values, at your own pace time and space, and less depending on what people think do and others say. A person referenced auto say it is a small quiet revolutionary, a nonviolent warrior who carries out their projects without making much noise, and with steady steps until reaching through time for what he believes and is convinced worth paying the price. It is necessary to release the need for external approval, it is necessary to accept and understand the disapproval of others, if you are not able to live in this way, you can not even hold a couple, work or social relationship in durable harmony and stability.The need for approval to as place is a habit, an addiction that can take you down the path of self-destruction, you aniquilas you how to be independent thinking and is not suitable neither for you nor for all those around you.It is true that when we disapprove of, when we express freely and the response we get is a resounding no, internal feelings of frustration and pain are inevitable, but we have to learn to go more than that pain and lift and reaffirm who we are regardless of good or bad opinion that others have of us.This is valid in all areas of your life, you am not inviting that you’re a rebel without a cause, I am inviting you emancipes you and independices you of the addiction of wanting at any cost be approved in all your actions by others, especially by those most near and dear to you.Focus on yourself, acting on the basis of principles, yours, do not do to others what you do not like that you done to yourself, i.e. apply the golden rule, but don’t sell your dignity and your self-respect by nothing or by Nobody, that’s not you going to ensure that these looking for, the only thing that can happen is that you, lose yourself and over time others lose it, that you’re not the same that or that one day I met!Learns to live with the disapproval of others, without bothering you, we learn to live with the differences, we learn to respect each other when their views, opinions and beliefs differ from ours, only in this way can then enjoy freedom in true relations drop addictions of all kinds!Mainly be approved from the outside and not from my inner addiction.

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