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And she, having arrived against their own forecasts in the six decades, could not believe that twist of fate, that return, that deep inside Yes, meant to revive the greatest pains. However, the impression that had upon arrival was changing, nothing was as in their memories and in some way, the revelry of Chinese who every morning chatted from corner to corner, every one in his business, relaxing it, feeling safe between imaginary walls, free Finally, leaving the girl that had never stopped being run between paddy fields or play to the escondidillas in the whiteness of the cotton fields surrounding what a hundred years behind it was a small village with embers of the Spanish colony seated at the edge of the reeds of the River, and in which, despite the disbelief of the locals, suddenly emerged a church and then a school, built by German missionaries with spacious rooms and typical finishes Germanic, with an atrium at the entrance and a small stage to the bottom, where the founders then ran marches and waltzes in a piano brought from Hamburg in slow journey. The first wave of Chinese would come after the great war, to start slowly, with families that not continued his course towards San Francisco, a cellar of grains and a restaurant opposite the Park, the great dragon, and thus, when the second wave came, the countrymen of Shanghai found less reason to continue his journey, seeing the second generation of imported from the ancient Kingdom of Qi castes proliferate without difficulty. Thus, in a few years the small village on the banks of the River reeds became a small Babylon, that would definitely transform the meekness of its original settlers. It was that city reached the grandmother, at the request of my mother, because she, my mother, had reached a year earlier as a music teacher already old-school German priests (who almost nobody remembered) and whose splendour had waned, while retaining their best years barely exteriors and some details here and there, as the small stage, because the piano was already only a spectrum of wood with a pair of keys in which children climbed each recess to jump back to the floor, without the slightest idea of the origin of that Cabinet.

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