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During last the fifty years Opening it has gained the reputation to be an incomparable place for skiers and snowbordistas. The experience of ski and snowboard is heightened by tracks with very little delay in the ferry cables. Opening offers service of leasing of equipment that includes ski, snowboard, boots, canes and ski of last generation. In addition, we offer service of group and deprived classes of ski every day and only deprived the days Saturday. For our visitors per day we offer the restaurant Supermarket and Bob Uncle s. Opening is the center of older ski of South America and its history comprises important of the history of the ski.

A history of men and mountains, dreams and profits in the wonderful world of the ski Opening celebrated its birthday N 50 in 1999. Fifty wonderful years and we waited for with estusiasmo next the 50 years. The ski center has not changed much through the years. It is a unique center. Nobody rises early, the meals are events social, dinner is behind schedule. Still there are tails no to raise the ferry cable, nor many people skiing in the snow dust.

The life is comfortable and it is lent to become of new friendly. There are twelve ferry cables, including five of chair, but the ferry cables It goes ET Vient, designed by Jean Pomagalski in years 60 to allow to the access to the high fields of the Rock Jack and the Condor, still remains there defying to the experts and offering access to a great snow ski dust to open field and innumerable narrow steps very escarped. The experiences of ski and hotel profession are unique in Opening. We offer a single great hotel, with several types of rooms, and lodges Octagonal and Inca. Any near town does not exist which means that Opening is self-sufficient, as a cruise at the top of the Mountain range of the $andes.


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