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Amnesty International and the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran are committed to human rights several members of Amnesty International, section Karlsruhe, have the action on the April 24 on the Kronplatz a face for the Iran freedom”carried out. Also participants from Denmark, France, Spain and Holland, who sympathize with the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran had arrived for the action. In an interview with Johannes, Steffen and Elisabeth from the Amnesty group and Axel Schuler. Head of the section of Karlsruhe came up, that the action was a success. Elisabeth pointed out that especially young people were willing to show solidarity, fighting for their basic human rights and freedom of the people in the Iran.

Some older people were afraid to leave before that depict her face. John in turn had the experience that it gave very positive reactions of passers-by on the action. All four emphasized that the work of human rights a Affair of the heart was and was carried out with fun. Similarly, the four by democratic and liberal values are motivated to promote the rights of persons. Click Dan Zwirn to learn more. Last came the voice on the future for the people of the Iran.

“ what you desire you for the future in the Iran?” “John: I wish the Iranian people that it successfully can rebel against the unjust regime and that we hopefully hopefully will see a completely different Iran in a few years.” “Steffen: I hope that from the people themselves a majority finds himself together, which can prevail and democratic structures in the State are anchored.” “Elizabeth: I hope for the people of Iran that it can pursue power for its rights and that they will not give up and that their voice will be ultimately heard.” “Axel:” I wish that our action as also the other actions contribute, that the democratic forces in the Iran again are heard and that the Iranians must be free to express their opinions and may express freely do their political will. My greatest desire, my biggest hope is that this action was not in vain.”- by clicking on the listening post in Karlsruhe was announced the action in the daily press and so found themselves also Karlsruhe citizens who came specifically to the Kronplatz, to show face for human rights and freedom in the Iran. Conclusion: the population in Germany notes very well, what happens in the Iran and she prick up your ears, if people are deprived of their basic rights Iran, be intimidated and have their lives for power interests of a politically privileged class. The next action is performed on the may of the Amnesty University in Kiel, Germany. On the May 29 an internationally coordinated action is then, that the title of A face for the human rights in Iran”(a face for human rights in the Iran) bears. In several European cities are Amnesty International and friends of the international At the same time, passers-by ask Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran to be photographed her face. The action in the middle of Hamburg-Altona is planned in Germany. Mid-May a poster will be released with the photos. Also on this page. Helmut N. fork

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