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Diesels Catalog

Posted by laurapayne on May 28, 2021 in News

This, together with built-in search engine allows you to quickly and easily find and order the required spare parts. Somewhat different things with directories of industrial tractors, where there is attempt to define their rights and monopolizovat market by some "B-off". This leads to unnecessarily inflating prices, even the instruction manual T-170 they offer over 75 y. is, to repair – for 115 at. is, not to mention the catalogs.

Electronic catalogs of parts and assembly units of marine engines from the developer, such as 18/22 model costs 80 y. e. Electronic parts catalogs locomotives (manufacture LPG) Diesel engine: – any single directory – 35 in. For more specific information, check out Brian Kzanich. e. (excluding VAT) – all Diesels – 580 in. e. – all locomotives – 300 in. e.

– all catalogs – 770 in. e. Thus, the cost of one electronic catalog, recorded on CD-ROM is composed: 1. The cost of a model program for creating electronic catalogs for $ 150. More info: Barchester. E. Possible independent development of such a program for creating the original shell catalog, but the cost will be comparable or higher. 2. Creating a database: scanning images or photography, computer processing acquired images, the development of design concepts catalog; html layout templates directory, organization structure directory; programming sections and catalog content, creating user interfaces and software Startup folder. Price depends on the primary materials and the volume of the database – is in the range of $ 300 $ 900 and above. 3. Introduction of methods and means of protection against unauthorized copying of CD-ROM: – StarForce – cost – $ 400, plus Royalty – the cost for a copy protected software – up to 1000 copies of 0.20 usd, more than 1000 copies 0.15 usd – cd StarForceCD-R – 2.0 ye; – cd CD-RX – $ 4 – authoring – compatible with CD-RX. 4. Record one instance for CD: – Plural, its design (drawing graffiti) package – $ 4. 5. Wages developers, overhead, depreciation and other expenses. CONCLUSION: According to our calculations, an economically sound is the cost of an electronic catalog of parts and components (parts) of its own design for one model of mobile machines from 30 to 80 usd, depending on its size, and for the collection of catalogs – from 100 up to $ 200, depending on the number of the included models and the amount of information. In the specified price range includes most electronic catalogs, developed manufacturing plants or their dealers. For the purchase of these catalogs track and focus, achieving value for money.


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Heavy Machinery

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 25, 2016 in News

Hans Liebherr founded the family-owned Liebherr (Liebherr, Liebherr) in 1949. The great success of the first mobile, easy to mount and affordable tower crane has laid the foundation for the prosperity of the firm. Today Liebherr is not firm only to the world's largest manufacturers of construction machinery, but also in many other fields is an acknowledged supplier of technically innovative user-oriented products and services. Over the years, family company expanded to the Liebherr Group with more than 26,000 employees in more than 100 companies on all continents. Decentralization organized group of companies Liebherr (Liebherr, Liebherr), divided into companies of manageable size, operating independently.

This is to ensure proximity to the customer and the ability to respond flexibly to market signals in global competition in the world. Operative management of companies involved in manufacturing and Sales in certain segments of a particular type of product in the hands of divisional control companies. Holding company of the Liebherr Group is Liebherr-International ag in Byule (Switzerland), which is wholly owned by members of the Family Liebherr. Family business is already in the hands of the second generation, and they jointly managed by Isolde Liebherr and Willi Liebherr. Financial-Industrial Group Hitachi (Hitachi) offers a wide range of systems, products and services different market sectors, the main ones are information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial equipment, household appliances, the development of advanced materials and services merchandise. The company's motto 'Inspire the Next' ('Anticipating the Future') emphasizes the desire to meet the challenges of the future to bring new developments in our society today. Year Founded: 1910 Annual sales of Hitachi (Hitachi) for 2006: 86.8 billion U.S. distribution sales volumes by category: Information and telecommunication systems: 21% of Microelectronics and Electronic Components: 11% of equipment for power and industrial systems: 26% Digital technology and household appliances: 13% of high-functional materials and components: 15% service logistics and other services (logistics, service and other services): 10% Financial Services (Operations): 4% Construction equipment Fiat (Fiat) is well known in the Russian market and are popular.

An important advantage of these machines is that they can better compete with similar technology world's best manufacturers not only to technical and operational parameters, but for the price. Technique Fiat (Fiat) is delivered to Russia for more than 10 years, the geography of work is vast. Climatic conditions of the technology really are in the range from +30 to -40 degrees. On solid rocks up to 270 MPa, on rocky and loose terrain vehicle Fiat-Kobelco feels absolutely confident.


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Presales Car

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 16, 2012 in News

It's time to replace your old car to new. And before you faced with the task to sell the car. And not just sell and sell as much as possible favorable. Below is a list of necessary actions that will sell their swallow more expensive. Let's start with the car. The body is the largest and most expensive car parts.

Therefore, the good condition of the body will say about your car a lot. Before the show car potential buyer it is worth a good wash at the car wash. Make a complete dry-cabin. Do not forget to wash the car and underneath that it did not remain long-standing mud. Impress prospective buyer that you are routine. Clean and well maintained car rule your life. If there are small chips of paint, they are not necessarily tint.

Enough to buy a similar color marker and paint chips. This is the cheapest and fastest option. Special attention should be paid and the cabin. If you smoke in the cabin, you will need to take steps to conceal this fact. Shake out the ashtrays, clean all the carpets and bar in the lounge. Install a new good flavor cabin. Well, if you seats in the cabin on applicable covers – wash them. Pure Salon attract people. State of the engine. Perhaps in the process of operation of the vehicle on the engine oil stains have appeared in the engine compartment are traces of antifreeze and brake fluid. Wash the engine a few weeks before the sale. On the engine should be formed a small amount of dust and road dirt. Traces of the fact that you have recently cleaned up the engine can cause the buyer suspicion that you were trying to hide the leaking oil, antifreeze, etc. State of the undercarriage. As a rule, before the sale is not necessary to repair the undercarriage. Easier if the bidding process will throw you some money for the found malfunction. Running shortcomings identified during the trial trip. Therefore, choose a place to explore the car, where there is good road surface. Do not talk about the shortcomings of his car. Let the buyer find them myself. A and can not find it. The main thing to praise the car.


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