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Name: Cesar Torres Banuelos. RPE: 9DYA3 venue: Eastern Control Area. ARTICLE. AS IT EATS, IS RIE AND THE QUALITY OF THE ISO ISO FEELS. Word that was developed as fashion companies. Mexico starts the nineties with this synonym for competition and it opens to the world for trade treaties, it is clear that in Mexico missing many companies to implement quality and others are not populated with one, until the safety, environmental or lifecycles, yet companies become familiar with talk of quality associated with the ISOWe can see the ISO from pinhead, at school, at work, in restaurants, in the hair dryer, the bait of the dog, until the light of quality eggs. It’s funny but who speaks of ISO, is issue where the trees there are no wood to cut and the ISO-14001 standard forbids it, it is so permitted and not permitted, requirements and the PVHA wherever chew them without knowing what that means, is like saying Ghandi was good of that? not be but it was. In the matter of the quality is similar, when an employer wants to implement the quality bombarded all corners of his staff that the quality is present and when audit them up to comb the parakeet in his home, arrive at a policy that everyone looks every day when few have read what he says, you should read it is the product not people, as well as the requirements read it, but what makes it is the client, that irony a proposes the client has and the. Chief decomposes it structure procedures indexes, goals, objectives all look on with his suit more lovely for the audits and the auditor imagined as the enemy of another trench. No passes at all the companies but passes.

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Manager Concept

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Wogaboo, concept of restoration that blends Mediterranean and Eastern gastronomy continues its commitment to share its success with entrepreneurs who want to develop a career as entrepreneurs with an affordable investment. Therefore, it has begun an expansion plan by Spain which will take you to open 30 restaurants in the mark in the next 2 years. The idea of the chain of franchises is entering the Levantine, catalan and Andalusian market positioning in the provincial capitals with more than 80,000 inhabitants such as Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Seville, Malaga Wogaboo seeks entrepreneurs who wish to join this project and have the means to develop a professional career as an entrepreneur and maximize return on your investment. We are looking for a Manager in day to day, financial lung with experience in the sector. Our business can be developed both by franchisees who manage directly as a purely investor profile explains Borja Dominguez, founder of the ensign and its director of expansion. Theirs is a business concept novel of restoration where the main protagonist is pasta which is elaborated in view of Diners. Spaghetatta alla Norma, Indian noodles Korma, Curry prawns Lamien, three Bi-fun delicacies, noodle Jakarta, Pad Thai (gluten free), Lamien chicken with shitake, Noodles with duck or Fettucine Canard foi are some of 100 pasta dishes that you can choose in the restaurants of the Ensign.

Wogaboo brings a proven experience in the sector and an ongoing advice from Headquarters, as well as provide the franchisee of a large computer system of management and a single booking system, where you choose online and view the table where you want to be. We are an extremely original and unique concept in the market where you can find different culinary cultures of the world under one roof, with a proven return and sustainability in time, it is not a concept of fashion but quality, says Borja Dominguez. Be a franchisee of the flag requires an initial investment of 1,460 euros/meter square, turnkey, with a barrel of entry of 36,000 euros and a monthly holding of 5% royalty and one of 2% advertising. The establishments average turnover today is 80,000 euros per month with a repayment of the capital between the 2nd and 3rd year. Wogaboo is a concept of restoration cheerful, fun and casual that mixes Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine whose main protagonist is the pasta. Different pasta in the world that are elaborated in view of Diners, where the customer can choose between more than 100 combinations of pasta in the world, aside from other tasty dishes. The company currently has 9 operational and 3 units in marches of which 5 are own and 4 franchises and 3 new signed as a franchise in South Park, Kinepolis and space Torrelodones. Wogaboo seeks an expansion throughout the national territory without discarding any geographic area since the concept is replicable anywhere.

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