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Research Fellow

Posted by laurapayne on Oct 4, 2016 in News

I remember wondering if we would need to remove that lamp or showy enough to cover it with a white sheet. It was a lamp that luckily these are no longer made but you will find rental apartments and hotels in the city like this. a When Julio covered her smooth window with a blanket and looking around the empty hotel room, we saw what we had been left alone: and with us, we raised the four walls of the maze. Stung by curiosity at first wanted to see what was inside. How come? Julio asked stupidly. That was not the question.

Then how to get out?, And we realize that a “and you realize too late that we had a lot of time on the maze its domain. Julio and I laughed. It was nice to talk and laugh now, with Julio in his hotel room, but even then, the question lingered in us: how to get out of the labyrinth. Perhaps sorrow laugh and perhaps also the effect of the beer, in July what we do now? If at least here there was a chair we could find her other side, turn around and distract. It was too obvious that the door was not a departure for us, it was enough to come and turn the knob to escape the hotel room.

They both knew: the labyrinth would accompany us there, to every corner of the city. We saw that the labyrinth itself housed more than at first glance he thinks he can. a And then took his hand and stood up. We opened the door and left the hotel room and the hotel itself. Now it was strange to walk at night in Madrid in July. The streets were filled with objects that slowly moved from side to side, when he finally arrived at what seemed his destiny, his looking for another target changed direction, joining random places. July brought a note from his pocket with the address of a live jazz pub. He wanted him and me. As you follow the directions we searched in July spoke of Argentina, Buenos Aires, told me that in a future letter I sent in a note the name of a restaurant to eat cassava arepitas.


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