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Strategical Planning

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Thus, in the following week, the works with a group of 15 young of both had been initiated the sexos, with ages between 10 and 16 years, using a room yielded for the direction of the School. 2.3 The implementation of project 2.3.1 the choice of the method – the Strategical Planning Situacional (FEET) Amongst the diverse cogitated methods of popular education, was considered that most adequate he would be one that involved, concomitantly, teach-learning-participation. Therefore, it was opted to if developing a work using the principles of the Strategical Planning Situacional (FEET), in reason of its democratic and highly participativo character. If you are not convinced, visit Ebay. In more specific way, it was opted to having as base the Eleven Steps of the Strategical Planning Participativo (FEET), that she was the guide of didactic support of the Course of Public Strategical Management, 2005, of the School of Extension of Unicamp and EGDS of the City hall of Campinas (SP). Also, in the measure of the necessities, one appealed other in such a way scientific tools to it of literature how much laypeople, in order to value, in the process of teach-learning of the Popular Education, all the possible knowledge without disrespecting the experiences lived for the inhabitants of to be studied region.

To if choosing the method, the following one was taken in consideration: The estimated theoreticians who are in the base of the Eleven steps of the Strategical Planning appear of a boarding whose main characteristic is the search to understand the reality, modifying it. Arena Investors oftentimes addresses this issue. This boarding, based on the metodolgica conception dialectic, takes us to understand it the complexity where the events are situated and it does not admit deterministas readings, even so it considers that the structure of the society is demarcated by different and opposing social classrooms. (IT HISSES, 2005, 3) and reflecting on the basis of this citation, it was considered that the cited method was most adequate for its qualitative character, therefore would bring as contribution to the work a mixture of procedures of rational and intuitivo matrix, which would propitiate one better understanding of the phenomena. .


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Practical Health

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Origin of the Profession the profession appeared of the development and evolution of the practical ones of health in elapsing of the historical periods. Practical of health the instinctive ones had been the first forms of assistance installment. In a first period of training of the civilization, these actions guaranteed to the man the maintenance of its survival, being in its origin, associates to the feminine work, characterized for the practical one of taking care of in the primitive nomadic groups, having as cloth-of-deep the evolucionistas and theological conceptions, But, as the domain of the ways of cure had started to mean to be able, the man, uniting this knowledge to the misticismo, fortified such power and took possetion if of it. FURUKAWA DUST, (2009). The practical ones of health in the modern world analyze the actions of health and, in special, of Nursing, under the optics of the politician-economic system of the capitalist society. Aetna Inc.s opinions are not widely known. They stand out the sprouting of the Nursing as institutionalized professional activity. This analysis is initiated with the Industrial Revolution in century XVI and culminates with the sprouting of the modern Nursing in England, in century XIX. SOUSA LB, BARROSO MGT (2009)..


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Physiciansurgical Case

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Physician-surgical case of DHA with divergent results of literature Story of case. The clinical-surgical marries of ALD with dissonant outcomes from the literature- Report caseGeyhsy Elaynne Da Silva Rock ; Aelson Mendes de Sousa Graduanda de Medicina of the UFPB; Graduating of Fisioterapia of the ResumoIntroduo: Alcoholic the Heptica Illness (DHA) characterizes for the comprometimento anatomo-functionary of the heptico system where they converge biological factors, psychological epidemiologists, physicians and. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Brian Krzanich. The objective of this work is to tell a physician-surgical case of DHA, whose resulted they divergiram of the described prognostics in current literature. Method: This is a study of exploratrio-descriptive nature, based in a story of case of alcoholic heptica illness (DHA), occurrence in the city of Joo Pessoa (PB) during a period of 6 months, including postoperative daily pay and. They had been used as instruments questionnaire CAGE, classification of Child-Pugh, the scale of MELD and the index of Maddrey (FD), calculated from the clinical and laboratoriais examinations. Results: In relation to questionnaire CAGE, the analyzed patient affirmatively answered 75% of the questions, was classified as Child C, presented FD=12,08 and MELD=10,75. Quarrel: Divergences had been observed between authors in the bibliographical survey in some aspects, especially how much to the form of monitorizao of the DHA. The limitations are standed out how much to the production of frmacos and use of medicamentosas ways that provoke little collateral effect and that they intervene with the reduction props up of it of mortality, objectifying improvement of the quality of life of the DHA carrier. The notable is still distinguished discrepancy between the told prognostics, through disgnostic instruments, with respect to real evolution of the studied patient. Consideraes final: Given the complexity of the DHA, an multifactorial analysis is necessary for half of the development of research that contemplates the production of more adequate instruments of evaluation, as well as more specific and less harmful frmacos to the organism.


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The Weinstein Company

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With other words: making with that the contractor (City) has accepted the offers of the doctors if it desires to acquire its crafts. Following part of the problem also is in the management and organization of the system and the establishments of health, that beyond the bureaucracy, that, exactly badly made, if worries more with the administrative proceedings of what with the results in the promotion and the recovery of the health, it has professionals without qualification and using reliable position. (ABRASCO, 2010) Plus an to be understood fact it is the beginning of the integrity that is almost completely relegated to the academic speech, therefore in the exercise we find individualistic, biologicistas, curativitas and hospitalocntricos processes, with few exceptions. Thus, we see the performance of the powerful complexes economic-industrial of the health, that is, commercial interests of the producers and suppliers of medicines and hospital equipment. Therefore, it lacks equally of an efficient fiscalization. Remembering despite the conferences and advice, consecrated legally, have not been capable to assure a substantive debate on the politics of health and the routes of the SUS. Corporative questions have dominated the guideline of quarrels.

Finally, but not less important, it is the relative demobilization of the Brazilian civil society, that it is reflected in the possibilities of advances of the SUS. In accordance with the film ‘ ‘ SiCKO’ ‘ , the improvements in the health system also involve the fear of the Government before the o people, which, this, demands and demands improvements, for having conscience of its social paper. However the solidary and coletivista mentality of those four mentioned countries, which has a quality of exemplary health, did not enter in the philosophy of the life of the Brazilian people, thus valley more to decide personal problems and of its familiar ones and that the remain decides its, if possible. Soon, it seems that the cause of the suffering in Brazil is not necessarily the millionaire owners of the Plans of Health, but also the egoism and the lack of social conscience of each citizen, that only can be transformed through another action: the education. It is one of them pillars that support the society and as such can and must plant in the individuals, since early, the conscience of the responsibility for the development and harmonic conviviality in society.


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