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Posted by laurapayne on Apr 1, 2015 in News

Often, towards the end of the event, customer may wish to increase the amount of shooting, so you need to have with at least one and a half of the film stock. Recently, the most 'advanced' the couple bought in parallel shooting on black and white film (1-2 film the whole wedding). This clearly increases the cost of the order, because it requires the presence of the second chamber and the skill of the photographer to quickly switch from one mode to another shooting. What more should be done before the wedding day As a secret any successful shooting involving human subjects (portraits, weddings, etc.) is not only the skill of the photographer, but also a good contact with the elements of trust between the portrayed and remove, is more tightly to talk before the wedding. I try to do so before the shooting to see married couples at least twice: the first time – it's actually dating, which gives a lot of understanding and contacts (demonstration portfolio photographer visual study of newlyweds), the second meeting – a few days, a week before the shooting: to communicate, better get used to each other as closely as possible to plan (in hours and minutes) actual wedding day, to clarify some details, obtain an advance. In the same communication is necessary to tell the bride, is different than the daily makiyah from a special photo, so as not to result from taking a picture 'to a dermatologist. " Experience shows that when the couple is well set up to shoot, not 'sandwiched' fairly relaxed – Wedding photos are very successful (certainly played a key role bride for obvious reasons). .


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