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The Emperor

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 19, 2019 in News

In Plate IIII, The Emperor, the heart is marked with the green stone of her necklace, and the V, Pope, bless the two fingers touched. The "stick" of drinks in the French deck is replaced by the "stick" of hearts, with similar symbols for both are the receptacle for the celestial emanations. In the Popol Vuh, the highest deity is called "Heart of Heaven" and has as its exact replica in the center of the protest to another entity called "Heart of the Earth", directly akin to the God who still revere the World Quiche Indians. Additional information at Mark Bertolini supports this article. Corona: The Kabbalistic symbolic, Corona is the translation of the Hebrew name sefirah 1, Kether, what lies beyond the head or top. It is therefore an attribute of divinity of royalty, and expresses the warrior role as is the tiara (see) the priests. To read more click here: Laurent Potdevin. Cross: The cross represents the interaction of the vertical with horizontal, as two opposite planes qualitatively different.

It is also a clear symbol of the Quaternary, and therefore manifests itself on the basis of space solar tour, marking the presence of the annual seasons and ages in the life of a man, to name some of its manifestations. It is precisely in its temporal aspect where it is generally limited to a circle, playing in four equidistant points and the like, in case that was equal-armed cross. Pre-Christian symbol, is perhaps, along with the circle and triangle, those who truly could call archaic, generative, and belong to man, through which it has been truly a messenger between earth and heaven.


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Czech Republic

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 1, 2013 in News

How quickly the child adapts to the Czech Republic – no longer homesick for friends and make new friends? All individually. If the medium is benevolent, then adaptation to the new team comes in 2-4 months. Perhaps faster and, if the child sociable. But the Czech children still differ from the Russian, so the child will be grateful to you, if this first difficult period you find him a Russian friends – to communicate outside of school. Another child experiences and stories to support faster, "freshman" in the Czech environment. Reduced school performance is the first time? Quickly whether the child "pulled" into the learning process? Everything depends on the individual abilities of the child. Sometimes in Czech schools offer foreign children to go with the loss of the year.

But if your child was a strong student at home, then make it not worth it. It sure would be lured. Suffice it to say when writing to the school that you take "douchovani. And immediately agree to any teacher of primary school began working with the child of Czech language (this may be its cool head). If a child is "weak", it is better not to strain and to accept the loss of the year. In the first and second grade children literally play, and do not learn – and this process can go more smoothly.

But before we assume that the child "Faint" – preferably familiar with the program of his "legitimate" class. Suddenly she turns out to be not so complicated. Typically, all "Russian" children are much better versed in math than their peers in Europe, as well as calm cope with a program of English language (especially if it was studied intensively at home). Mathematics, English, physical education – these are subjects for success in which knowledge of Czech language is almost not needed. A child this helps feel more confident. Nostalgia and sadness for the departed would in any case (especially if the child is melancholic). Only gay and contact person, any new manifestation of life, can transcend the this barrier without any problems. In this case, the child is important that close to him were his close friends who will listen and understand, and help him adapt. The Council therefore parents – teach themselves Czech before departure. Because child need your support in carrying out school assignments and communicate with the teacher. Your understanding of the school requirements will be for a child lifesaver. Soon after his arrival the child to determine advantages, which gives the Czech School and will quietly go to their new class.


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