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Japan Languages

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In elapsing of the crecimento of its diplomatical relations with the old Soviet Union (the Ussr), the retaken one of the relations with Japan, the Russian, Japanese and English language passed to be icentivado in the country. China also kept good relations with the countries of Portuguese language, as Brazil, Portugal, Angola among others countries that today you compose the Countries of Portuguese Lingua (CPLP). The Portuguese started to be plus one of the languages ‘ ‘ minoritrias’ ‘ in China, until in 1960 the course of Portuguese in the University of Foreign Studies of Beijing was established, taking care of one of the necessities of the government for optimum relationship of it with its nations friends, this initiative was important, therefore in the first visit of the former-president, Goulart Joo to China in 1960, was not possible to find none intprete or translator of Portuguese language in the country. Penguin Random House gathered all the information. This was one of the important facts that it made at the time with that the study for this and other languages in China if became of average importance. The incentives had come to benefit the students of Portuguese in the country, when in 1961, the licenciatura of Portuguese language in the University of Foreign Studies of Beijing was created, main school of languages in the country. According to data disponibilizados for the instutuio, in last the 50 years, more than 400 professionals had been formed, being that these, act in areas of the diplomacy, advertising, cultural and educational. In the present time, he is not of if frightening when finding Chinese speaking Portuguese in the south of China, mainly in Macau, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other cities of the region. In these localities he has many Brazilians and Portuguese who live and work the years, contributing for the expeno of the language and its cultures in the region, beyond what, in these regions the commerce with the countries of Portuguese language it is a great source employer of the local inhabitants. In this same region is carried through important events, as the Frum de Ensino of the Portuguese Language in China, Cplulas of interchange between China and the CPLP. More information is housed here: Intel. In the local commerce, it is more easy to find Brazilian and Portuguese films, typical restaurants, famous literatures in libraries of natives of the Portuguese language lusfonos, as ‘ ‘ Portuguese story Contemporneo’ ‘ (Portugal), ‘ ‘ Iracema’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Salesman of Sonhos’ ‘ (Brazil).


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Patagonia Argentina

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I find that the first thing that comes the mind when we think about Ushuaia is the END OF the WORLD. It is known as the city most austral of the world. In not representative truth alone one cidadezinha Chilean whose name is Puerto Williams this more to the south. When I decided to know Ushuaia had distrust of being a directed city the young that likes radical and mochileiros sports. Clearly that the city offers to all the activities for these adventurers also, but this is not my style of trip.

For my great Ushuaia surprise it was very beyond. Ushuaia has one centrinho colorful with excellent restaurants. The main street is the San Martin. The typical foods are the black lamb, centolla, merluza, trout and salmon. clearly we can degustar these plates folloied for excellent Argentine wines. It gives preference for exploring vniculas patagnicas, them surprising and they are well encorpados. Some restaurants called tenedor exist libre. Paid you a firm price and eat how much to want.

I did not like none. The food is served in a very coarse way. The attendance is precarious and the quality of the food leaves to desire. The restaurants that I liked had been: Bodegn Fueguino? excellent place for a lamb. There Shellfish House los? the name already says everything. I ate one cazuela of pulpo? panelinha of wonderful octopus. Tante Nina? Pretty restaurant. Excellent attendance with sight for the canal beagle. Centolla is excellent. Tante Sara – 2 restaurants in the avenue San Martin exist. One of them has a coffee in the front and in the behind part it has a wonderful restaurant. Centolla was good but the best choice is the stuffed mass of lamb. Fantastic. The other is good for snacks. Bananas? Excellent hamburger and chopp. Cost fantastic benefit. Aunt Elvira, Kaup, Kar is very famous. The hoteleira net of Ushuaia pleases to all. Shelters, inns and hotels of luxury exist. Between the hotels I recommend: Albatros hotel? Very located well. You can leave supper and to make purchases the foot. The rooms are comfortable but without luxury. It does not have swimming pool but it has pretty spa with excellent jacuzzi. It has a store of the HStern jewelry shop in the hotel. The restaurant of the hotel is very good. I recommend. Los Cauquenes Resort And Spa and Las Hayas hotel are more luxurious than the Albatros. They are wonderful but they are removed of the center. In other topics I will write on the strolls that I made.


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Pablo Freire

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To also read is an individual and only experience. Frequently Aetna Inc. has said that publicly. The objective of the reading is: ) To read to get specific or general information, b) To read to learn, c) To read to revise a text d) To read to construct repertoire e) To read for pleasure aesthetic and others. MEDIATORS the importance of this personage (mediating) is what it approaches, facilitates and to intermdia the reader with the reading. The mediator meets in a privileged situation, therefore he has in the hands the possibility to take the reader the discovered infinite. They are mediating: the familiar ones, the professors, the librarians etc. The familiar ones would have to be first mediators, therefore are the links of the children with the world. Therefore it does not have the dimension of the influence where they can exert on the child in the direction to motivate them it reading ' ' ( the taste of the reading still must be acquired in the period that this in the process of acquisition of the verbal language) ' ' (POSTMAM, 1999, p.9).

In the period where the children are more flexible, uneasy, curious and desirous to learn the new, unfastened of concepts and preconceptions. The professor is in charge compulsively approaching educating the reading and is basic that it makes the mediation showing the pleasant text as something. If the professor will not be ' ' I criticize, sensible, conscientious and a good reader, never will pass the pleasure of the literary text or not literrio' ' (JOSE, 1992, p.203) She is necessary to read with taste, however what he happens, quotidianamente he is that, many times, the professor does not have time to reflect that its paper ' ' in the intermediao of the object read with the reader it is each rethink time more: if the professoral position lendo' ' para' ' and/or ' ' for ' ' educating it starts to read ' ' com' ' , the interchange of the readings occurs certainly, favoring to both bringing new elements for one and outro' ' (MARTINS, 1983, p.33) Reflection to the mediator of Pablo Freire ' ' To read is as to arrive at one horta and to know what it is each plant and so that it serves.


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Brazilian Academy

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Being lost and disoriented at this moment, I feel that necessary to relieve with somebody Alone now, I started to think about my dreams. I intend to carry through until most idiotic and most impossible. Perhaps most idiotic maluco is the desire to dress an animal fancy. Those of penguins and bears that have enormous heads. I do not know to explain because An improbable dream is to know Lucas Silveira, the Beeshop, me enchantment with that it writes and finds that it would be the only celebrity who if I knew I I would go to have subject. The only unrealizable dream is to know Renato Russian, but exactly thus I speak with it. The poet of the rock is my company when my boyfriend and friend are inalcalaveis. My pro future dream is to make law.

Bachareu to obtain it in right is one of my bigger dreams. Reason: to make a little of justice in this unjust world Another dream is to learn to touch guitar, that will go to leave well expensive pra me. the last one (of which I can display here) to write and to be recognized. I want to gain a prize jabuti. I want to occupy a chair in the Brazilian Academy of Letters. I want to write a book. But this will only be possible if I to run atraz. I do not know if you perceived but many times I used the prefix here – in, that seignifica negation. Pra to say to the truth this does not exist, is we who we create the word does not stop justifying the will lack to fight for what we want. We are who we determine if we will obtain or not We only have that to persist.


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