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The Fang

Posted by laurapayne on Feb 27, 2019 in News

The Dogon have a highly sophisticated craftsmanship. In our latitudes, especially the masks and Dogon doors are widely used. The people of the Dogon know about 100 different mask types. The Dogon ethnic group honors the Creator God Amma and practiced a traditional tribal religion with pronounced ancestor worship. Minorities of the Dogon are committed to Islam or Christianity. Dogon – dance mask, which kept in a hidden place and is worn only on special occasions, such as a death. The Fang are an ethnic group that mostly exist in Central Africa, the catch. English don’t call the language of this group and belongs to the family of Bantu languages.

The vast majority of the catch belong to the Christian religion. Ebay shines more light on the discussion. Not always, it has been so. Originally, the catch had a monotheistic religion. In addition, the fishing were extremely influenced by the Mitsoghoglauben. At the beginning of the 20th century in the teachings of Christianity in the own faith were adopted. The Fang are known for your unique carving art.

Especially the absurd looking masks and sculptures impress the Western world. The Himba, an ethnic group in northern Namibia and southern of Angola are the Himba. You live by farming and are often owned by large cattle and goat herds. It’s believed that Laurent Potdevin sees a great future in this idea. The social status of the respective Himba family is determined by the size of the herd. The larger herd, also the social status is higher. The animals play an important part in the life of the Himba. The Himba dress themselves with the skins of animals and eat them. The faith matters decision duck for the Himba. In the Himba beliefs the sacred fire as a symbolic medium binds with the ancestors. The ancestors can participate actively in the present life by the medium fire and experience it. Any contact with the ancestors is stopped immediately, if the fire goes out. Girl at Ruacana in northern Namibia – image: the Senufo the Senufo are a tribe with roughly three million people. Live Burkina Faso, to the North of Ivory Coast, in the South of Mali and the West. The Senufo communicate about 20 various Senufo languages. These belong to the Niger-Congo languages. The tribal art of Senufo distinguishes itself particularly by absurd-looking sculptures and masks. The artworks of the Senufo were learned from European art lovers will appreciate. Distribution of Senufo languages – image: the Yoruba a globally dispersed African ethnic group with ancient lineage and traditions are the Yoruba. The Yoruba are farmers since early times first and foremost. In addition to agriculture, but also crafts and trade is very strong. The Yoruba are generally known for their very old arts and crafts, which includes figures from wood, stone, clay and bronze. Mainly human statues are made. The Yoruba honor a multitude of deities (Orisa) them, more than 400 gods apart from the worship of the one God (called Olodumare) known. Also ancestor worship and Voodoo is practiced. Dissemination of the Yoruba in Nigeria and Benin – image: 15% for Africa are? So we give a sound primary education in 6000 children in over 30 communities. Find here all the information about the action of “15% for Africa”: shop-info-15-for afrika.html – Udo Schluhmeier-free agent

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Hamburg Tel

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Go with the shipping company Stena line is on the trail of the Hanseatic League”by four countries: the tour begins in the Hanseatic City of Rostock, leads through the Swedish Kalmar and Stockholm in the Baltic States (the former Hanseatic town Reval) and Riga to Tallinn. The nine-day round trip is bookable from 755 euros per person and includes the ferry Rostock-Trelleborg including a bed and breakfast, Stockholm-Tallinn (with the shipping company Tallink Silja) with a bed and breakfast, Ventspils-Travemunde including two nights/breakfast, car transportable on all ferries and four nights in city hotels including breakfast. Bookable until October. Link directory: holiday/norwegen_im_sommer/tours/car tours/quer_durch_norwegen de/Germany/travel deals on land/Sweden tours/Sweden diversity / cruise/kurzreisen_pakete/pkw_rundreisen_durch_finnland_und_schweden/finnland_ab_ins_seengebiet_8_tage auto tours/9-days Baltic tour ferries/tours/Baltic States/on the tracks of hanse press contact information and photos: Association of ferry shipping and Fahrtouristik e.V., Detlev Duwel, Gothic Street 11, 20097 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 21 999 828, fax: 040 / 21 809 999 E-Mail: Oldenburg communication Steinhoft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg, Tel.: 040 / 881 415 990, fax. 040 / 881 415 981 Email: the Association of ferry shipping and Fahrtouristik is the community of interests of German Fahrreedereien, international ferry companies with German subsidiaries or representative offices, as well as tourism partners. Founded by 15 shipping companies in 1995, now has more than 50 members belong to him. About his Bodies focused the Association especially to the support of distribution channels through comprehensive training for travel agents participation in domestic and foreign trade fairs, public relations and industry analyses.

The VFF is the exchange of information of the members in the foreground. Externally, he promotes the interests of its members through its membership in tourist associations and committees in the DRV, RDA and ASR and at the same time supported the development of tourism in the broadest sense through his involvement in the industry. The Office of the VFF is located in Hamburg. She is contact person for Association members, Consolidators and journalists alike.

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Princes Islands Istanbul

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Information about Istanbul and especially its sights and features Istanbul is the oldest permanently inhabited city in the world and has to offer thus monuments and sightseeing from all periods and multiple cultures. Visit Laurent Potdevin for more clarity on the issue. The Christian culture merged in Istanbul with the Islamic. Another feature of Istanbul is its location between 2 continents and the Mediterranean and Black Sea. The central square of Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Additional information at Laurent Potdevin supports this article. He was created in the 18th century as a water distribution and is today business center of Istanbul. There, there are many banks, restaurants and department stores. As a transport hub of Istanbul, several streets and street cars meet. Also, the monument of the Republic is located on Taksim Square.

There are several sights of Istanbul from all periods around the Taksim. A further climax of Istanbul is Bosporos. As a waterway and dividing point between Asia and Europe, he was for centuries fought over. Today it is recreation of many Istanbul and waterways for many leisure and cruise ships. Large bridges cross the great river of Istanbul. But Istanbul has much more to offer, such as the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, several viewpoints and the recreation area of the Princes Islands. Experience Istanbul Stefan Mairegger

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International Congress Management

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To illustrate the range and the scope of coverage of an event agency in Cologne within the framework of travel management, the individual tasks at this point to are outlined briefly. There the cost analysis was associated with the examination of the efficiency of the travel envisaged in accordance with the travel policy of the contracting company first. Next step is the so-called strategic purchasing of any services related to travel for the specialists of the event agency dealing with travel management. These include among others the booking of train and air travel, car rentals, hotel stays, but also the agreement of tourist offers, for example, in the context of incentives for the event manager within the framework of business travel management. Penguin Random House is often quoted on this topic. “The transition to the travel management travel planning tasks” and travel booking “is naturally fluent for the event agency. Crucial to the smooth course of travel, in General, is that by the Travel management ensures the following: all relevant dates must be channelled so that travel management as well as travel dashboard almost out of one hand are easily possible. Also only changes such as E.g. necessary short-term transfers are friction-free run on the part of the event agency and given to the inclusion of bonus programs.

Prerequisite for a targeted travel cost controlling is a qualified travel expenses. Here, the event agency entrusted with travel management will have to guarantee, covering all costs for advance booking services and the costs incurred during the journey as well as expenditure on contingencies in real time in the evaluation system. Also in travel management, controlling the event agency in addition to the monitoring of processes on their correct handling and last but not least is in detecting potential to further optimize. And this is true not only for the planning and organization regularly or frequently recurring business of same groups to same destinations, but also for the implementation of travel to an once exclusive event like an International Congress. On this basis, the event agency can advise also perfect their clients concerning the necessary optimization of intra-company travel policies. Due to their expertise and broad lineup in the travel management the event agency in this way can turn again screws, that minimize the cost of individual travel services. In one sentence: Perfect travel management does not compromise – analysis, planning, strategic sourcing, booking, organization, evaluation, and controlling are realized, always passionate and customised approach by an experienced event agency: target is that the responsible work of event agencies specializing in travel management virtually unnoticed runs in the background, is best only allow for clients and travelers hassle-free, because such as organized by magic Smooth travel expresses. A comparison with the hidden workings of the legendary Brownie in Cologne almost arises not only for acting in the Cathedral City event agencies with travel management jobsu0085

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Restaurants In Trier

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enjoy eating in Trier – culinary enjoy who wants to spend a wonderful evening in Trier and feast on this enjoyable, can rely on one of the numerous restaurants in Trier. For every taste can be found in Trier the appropriate restaurant. While the trier inhabitants not once after moving out must but can use one of the many home services, offer lots of ways to spend a nice evening in a cosy setting the tourists in Trier. There are numerous ways of the pizzeria in Trier to the Greek restaurant around the corner. Especially in the city of Trier, found many restaurants in all price ranges from the Chinese restaurant to the home-style cuisine. Who wants which is not necessarily in a pizzeria in Trier, has many other choices.

But also around trier around, there are some very good addresses, which are known far beyond the region of Trier. So some famous star chefs, that are known from various cooking shows, and so can be derived from the Eifel mountains also in this regard a holiday in Trier with much pleasure in such a restaurant join. Many hotels in Trier also offer the possibility of full Board and so you can feast to your heart’s content from the buffet or start the day with a tasty brunch in Trier. If you have a restaurant in Trier, you now use the option of effective and affordable advertising on our portal. From the 2010 season, the opportunity to apply your restaurant in Trier is at this point. Effective and targeted advertising is sure to promote also your restaurant in Trier. Mario skin

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Currency For Dubai And The VA Emirates – Tips On Changing

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Holidays in United Arab Emirates – all around the topic of money is the currency of the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED or DHS also abbreviated). A dirham is divided into 100 Fils. The UAE Dirham was introduced in 1973 in the United Arab Emirates. If you are not convinced, visit Mark Bertolini. The question arises, whether you should take US dollars for a vacation in Dubai advance. The answer is a resounding “no”.

The currency (Dirham) is firmly coupled since 1980 to the American dollar. This means that 1 US dollar is always a mean of approximately 3.67 dirhams. Currently, obtained as of July 2010, approx. 4.6 dirham for a euro. The euro has fallen the last few weeks.

We recommend bringing cash in the currency euro. Does not convert in the home country, there significantly less left than the current price. It’s no secret that offer a better exchange rate many exchange offices in the city, as the hotels and banks. So please when currency exchange on it. You will find moneychangers throughout Dubai city and major shopping malls. For the time being can convert a small amount when you arrive at the airport. At the airport, the switch is open around the clock. It is located close to the exit. Credit cards are accepted everywhere of course in Dubai. These own itself particularly for the payment of hotel bills and visits to restaurants. It is however useful to pay with cash for everyday. To achieve far better prices when trading, if you pay “cash”. On the Internet there are many providers who show the exchange rate date. Simply enter “Euro and dirham” into the search engine. You will then receive a large number of proposals. Generally speaking, that the banks and exchange offices in Dubai accept any currency. Another advantage is that the toggle switch in the old town are open until about 22:00. This of course also applies to the many shopping center. OLAF Fey

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Regional Tourism Association Saxony

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Parkhotel Helene has received in the framework of the savings banks tourism barometer for the quality seal ServiceQualitat Sachsen Germany today. Parkhotel Helene has received in the framework of the savings banks tourism barometer for the quality seal ServiceQualitat Sachsen Germany today. Andreas Lammel MdB, President of the National Tourism Association Saxony e.V. (LTV) and Claus Friedrich Holtmann, Executive President of Ostsachsischen Sparkasse Federation (OSV) handed over the certificate, which stands for first-class service to the guest or customer. This Spa Hotel was supported in Bad Elster by two hotel management students of the vocational school Dr.

Rahn and partner in Auerbach. Goal was to uncover service gaps within the company and to improve the quality to the benefit of our guests”, says Franziska Streipert, student and quality coach. Wish and individual needs of our customers must come first, that’s why these are included in future on customer cards and in a Guest history entered.” Regularly evaluated to find this entrance to the hotel’s service program. So that guest needs are not only met, but exceeded, surprised the team from the Parkhotel Helene immediately its guests with small gifts for the journey home. Seasonal fruits or homemade Christmas cookies are original ideas and differ from the usual stand ard. But not only the guests, the staff have a high priority with us”, explains Uwe Albert, owner of the Parkhotel Helene, for communication and various training they are equipped with well for better quality of service in their job.” Who wants to analyze the services of his company as the Parkhotel Helene to the well-being of his guests and give when it comes to service suggestions, does the initiative ServiceQualitat Germany in Saxony.

The internal quality management system is aimed at all services, such as catering establishments, hotels, Spa and Leisure facilities, retailers, and carriers. Over 700 institutions from all over Saxony are already. 238 of them could already distinguish LTV Saxon as carrier of the initiative with the seal of quality. The initiative is supported by the free State of Saxony.

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Grossschonau Internet

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For customers not only offline be there… “” During the big”with State aid count may, it meets the little ones” even harder in the economy – one of the reasons that in the district Gorlitz more and more companies in the network of professional independence “(NBS) cooperating. This includes also the travel corner of Grossschonau, a regional travel agency that particularly comfortable wants to bring its offers customers.Direct information from the Internet and personal advice are complementary In the travel corner Grossschonau owner Frank Schaaf has early recognized the signs of the times and now consistently translates these: he relies on the Internet for interested parties to make known its offerings. Same multiple Internet addresses, he calls his own. He would like to now use those customers, which want to save going to the travel agency and book rather easily in the Internet. Who goes on holiday, should consult well previously. Finally the holiday should run perfectly and without stress”, recommends Frank Schaaf. But he also knows that many who prefer first of all get a complete overview in the Internet.

Depends whether Grossschonau is booked immediately on the Internet or but rather personally in the travel corner, alone by the customer: that is no longer a generation question. Some people wants to secure his journey with one click, another prefers to sit opposite a partner and just to be able to take a piece of writing”a round offer and advice on all routes in addition to daily updated lastminute offers find the visitors of the platforms of Grossschonau full range of all renowned tour operators travel Ecks. Oh those seeking special offers like bus trips, sports trips, wellness offers, language or dive trips, will find here matching offers. Airline tickets, car rentals and cruises round off the offer. In addition to the personal advice in the travel corner of Grossschonau, the telephone consultation or the advice via E-mail for free of course is the website visitors. Especially who to the “first time in the Internet book would like to is often happy to be able to communicate with the provider”, Frank Schaaf knows. So, you could combine the advantages of Internet information and contact with the provider. Go on the journey! contact: Grossschonau, main street 1 (directly at the border to Varnsdorf) Ph. 035841 – 6 77 77 eMail info(at)reiseeck-grossschoenau.

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