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The knot is Gordian type, that is, not you can unleash. Only the Gordian knot can be cut. Shadowing will remain once we have the results in hand, but longer to be parody, much more than it already is. The exercise of representative democracy to be displayed shall not be more than the verification of his death. Happens to us in Venezuela, a country without a social organization that allows replace intermediation instruments which are dead (parties, guilds, trade unions, business organisations, etc.). The country does not know of a transition from a representative democracy to an advanced democracy for the 21st century, one where occurs – firstly – breaking partisan dictatorial hegemony by the emersion of an instituent society that reduces them to no more than additional instruments of collective expression. The country It lacks an instituent power and consequently continues with the cervix folded against a partisan as totalitarian dictatorship as the regime that is intended to supplant.

They are perverse mechanisms of representative democracy that, even on the verge of dying, still smelling bad from the open grave and expected it. The country is in the mess against a historic event of fundamental importance. This involves what we are going to live, the game of appearances. This includes a few illusions that have to do with the tragic truth that we face. The chaos also has an order. We must remember that the Gordian knot was only possible to resolve by a blunt cut and that the gods approved solution as a valid way to solve the entanglement. Alejandro cut the knot with his sword and took advantage of a terrible storm to say that that was the manifestation of the concurrence of the gods. If we translate it, was the will of Alexander that got the form of untying the knot and use the supposed will of the gods to follow with its way to Persia.

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