The Essence Of Massage

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To receive a massage the first benefit and the most noticeable is the relaxation of muscles and relief of muscle discomfort and joint. The postures that are adopted at the sitting, stooping, standing, walking or lifting weight, cause a back and neck pain that will gradually producing tension in muscles and these in turn into the adjacent muscles and these in turn into their own generating a chain reaction, if this tension is not relieved or deleted somehowaccumulated muscular tension becomes a Contracture with its corresponding pain. When muscles are at this point, accumulating waste substances, and micro-roturas occur in them, with the massage increases the influx of fresh blood to muscles stiff eliminating waste substances and oxygenating the muscles, thereby speeding up the healing process of the micro-roturas and the muscle relaxation, massage also will reduce stress and release endorphins which are responsible for the sensation welfare and help soothe the pain. In times running, stress is one of our greatest enemies, as I have already said, the massages help to combat it, and if the massage is received at the end of the day or before going to bed, will be a great ally against insomnia. In the application of massage it is necessary to use everything at our disposal to achieve our goal, the conjunction of the mind and body, so the total concentration of the masseur is essential to perceive information that provides us the body massaged, other instruments may be essential oils that use, which will help us with its natural propertiesknowing well choose the oil we leverage substantially the massage effect, though in my experience it is not more cash by having many oils, with a base oil and one or two oils essential we should get the desired effects, since the mixture percentage, if we put many oils reduces the concentration of these essential oils; Another method to use can be to aromatherapy helps relax your senses, and with relaxing music we will manage the patient psychic relaxation and this will help the masseur, facilitating the work and making it more simple to get the conjunction of body and mind to achieving the perfect state of relaxation Jose Javier Hernandez Mora original author and source of the article

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