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Leadership is a phenomenon; It is the way in which human beings are moving toward the future, especially when significant changes are required. Leadership does not stop at the first Executive, passes at all levels of the company. The smart organization, leadership exists and comes from many parts of it. Adds blacksmiths, considered, effective leaders in individualist societies like ours to accept that they must be different. The individualistic spirit need models that sucked the followers.Is a contradiction in their own terms call same Executive first and be just like all the others.The most effective business leaders differ either by experience or by some specific skills.

If they are not different, will be their subordinates who do so to create a role model who can respect. This difference is so vital that if subordinates cannot identify a difference, they invented it. Effective leaders intuitively understand this process. They communicate to his people who are different and behave as if they were. They provide information about themselves that reinforces this difference; It is important to what they think, how leisure spend, what they do their spouses and families. Followers gather these data and disseminate them.

In this way, emerging myths that evolve over time, as illustrations of the values that are important for the leader and, therefore, to the corporate culture. It should not be forgotten in these brief notes, moreover, that the transactional leaders focus their demands and conditions at the time and not issues long-term interest, cares about do they become things. However, the transformer leader leads to an effort beyond expectations, leads to extraordinary results. It elevates the hierarchy of needs of workers, makes them transcend their own interests. The transformational leadership seeks to boost the development of its collaborators, their capacities, motivations and values, and not only their performance. In addition, this type of leadership produces the so-called domino effect, since it spread to the organization. (Continued..) Original author and source of the article.

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