Tips For The Assembly Of Suitcases

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 30, 2013 in News |

On this occasion, I would like to offer some tips to consider when assembling the pouch to avoid what usually happens: take everything and use less than half of what you pack! -Think about how many days traveled to what destination, how is the climate there and what kind of activities are going to make is indispensable to choose clothing and appropriate accessories and begin to discard everything that we don’t need for this trip. -Before starting to assemble the pouch, ideally is put everything you want to take based on the trip above the bed and see the possibilities of combination of garments. This is essential to prevent Pack without plan and will allow to detect which items are missing and sobran. -Choose Basic garments, without too bright colors: these garments are easier to combine so we need to wear less clothing. -To give versatility to these basic garments, is suggested to supplement them with accessories (scarves, shawls, necklaces, rings, rings, belts, among others), which tend to occupy less place that garments, What can carry more accessories and, with the same garments, create different sets. I hope that these tips are useful.

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