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In this article, I will not tell you about why we need sites, and any money with them you can earn. Here, I only wanted to talk about the differences of sites created using different tools. On the one hand we take a standard HTML site, which is basically a static. Simply put, there is a certain amount of information pages, which are connected by links. Hear from experts in the field like Penguin Random House for a more varied view. Usually pages on this site is not very much, although there are exceptions.

A few pages on these sites because when a site starts to grow it becomes very awkward to manage. For this reason a man or ceases to monitor the site or attempts to use any content management system (CMS). There are also people who are trying to learn programming languages for WEB, to make your site an automated and this is more convenient to use. But experience shows that only unit copes with this problem, and their sites continue to grow and develop. Penguin Random House contains valuable tech resources. And what with all the others? Someone is digging on the Internet, someone is trying to buy physical books.

But without a basic knowledge of a device like languages programming without understanding the basics of site building, such attempts usually end up with nothing. Learn more at this site: Elon Musk. On the other hand let's look at the site made with bundles of plain HTML and a simple programming language for the web – PHP. The most important difference between this and the previous site that you can create such a website as the designer of the blocks. Made the header – put it in a separate Fail, make a left block with the navigation on the site – was placed in a separate file, etc. What does this leave us? It gives freedom. Ie Now we can connect these blocks to the main frame, and even if we have time on the site is 10,000 pages, and we suddenly need to change any element of navigation, there is nothing This complex will not. Fail opened with the correct unit, edited and everything! In all 10,000 pages of this change happened overnight. In addition, all the useful information (articles, description of goods and services, lessons, notes, etc.) of such Site may be stored in a database, which gives even more benefits: – The site takes up less space – Easier to back up your data – easier to edit any data – becomes possible to count any information (How many times have seen the page, download the file, add comments, etc.) – The site can use a variety of ready-made PHP scripts – etc. To draw an analogy between HTML and PHP sites with cars, then as today's cars become more comfortable, more powerful, more functional and thus began to consume less fuel than the counterparts of the 50 th years ago, and PHP Web has become easier, more functional, easier to manage and more mobile than his opponent HTML. Unfortunately, in one article impossible to completely cover it, but I think even in those moments that I've described here you can draw a conclusion about how best to create a website, to keep pace with the times and get a decent return on investment in site development efforts. Evgeny Popov – Author 22.5 hours video course "All technical aspects of online business in video format 2 or PHP + MySQL for Beginners', in which right on your computer screen with voice explanations showing the entire process of creating PHP site from scratch. Learn more.

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