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The AKO 1984 high-quality fitting solutions manufactures taps since its inception, on its Web site the German company introduces new its innovative knife gate valve. The AKO plates sliding seal type A pipes and wires on this way, that serve the mass transfer in chemical, power stations and mines, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater companies and many other industries. This type of slide in the various systems can be integrated as intermediate flange gate. The company manufactures also special connections on request, which make compatible the proven technology of the seal itself with special designs. Especially manufacturing facilities, in which bulky, fibrous or abrasive materials are produced or processed further benefit from the flexible material technology of the Hesse family business. Many product characteristics the AKO plate slider guarantee type A a continuous operational reliability even in continuous operation. So the cast Mono block housing for example with a sealing strip is fitted, the overall construction before Protects life limiting influences.

The casing is reinforced with lead wedges and ribbing, in addition inside the slide plate can be adjusted during the opening and closing constantly. Also, the shape of the Cabinet is designed to the solids or sludges not can build while finning itself, which means that the valve works largely maintenance-free, because the system can get clogged. High-quality materials contribute to long-lasting product quality the AKO plate pusher in addition to the sophisticated design principles, precisely processed with a high degree of technical know-how. The sliding gate plates the AKO plate pusher is made from polished stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316, can on request but also consist of highly resistant stainless steel AISI 317, 254SMO, Hastelloy or titanium. In the standard version, protects the polishing the seat and prevents the valve blade becomes jammed during operation. The replaceable seat seal is by default in all sizes made of EPDM and is held over a stainless steel support ring inside the slide. Alternative Elastomerqualitaten are for example, PTFE, Viton, nitrile or silicone.

Interested users can log in at… convinced by the numerous monitoring standards that underpin the quality of AKO plate slider. The quality management of the European market leader 9001:2008, standardized test methods corresponding to the pressure equipment directive PED 97/23/EC, as well as regular audits include ISO else certified tests according to DIN. On request the control systems of the AKO undergo even testing according to EN 12266-1, so that also special cables can be equipped with high-quality.

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