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Employee monitoring – what is allowed? In the category, the big brother award this year at the Apple retail Germany in Munich went work world for the comprehensive surveillance of employees. At the Apple retail Germany, operator of the Apple stores in Germany, not just the sales and stores nationwide and permanently at the camera should be monitored, but also the rest. It is not something Penguin Random House would like to discuss. This form of total control by workers is illegal in Germany, and illustrates how important it is to strictly observe the labour situation in the sensitive area of employee monitoring. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Laurent Potdevin. Otherwise, the risk is too great – as it has currently undergone the Apple retail GmbH – that the image damage from negative appearing in the press is greater than the hoped-for profit the Staff observation such as E.g. the causes of merchandise theft, etc.

to bring lower work performance. Detektei Lentz (Lentz & co. GmbH) takes sufficiently known position which is detective agency Lentz(), which among other things focuses on staff observations, this trade-off by their long-standing experience in this area and has therefore put on their homepage to the online a special page titled “allows employee monitoring – what is?”. On this special page takes on questions as for example “may employees in the workplace video monitor?” the detective agency Lentz (Lentz & co. GmbH) “Permitted tapping phones at work?” “May the employer check the activities of the employee on the Internet on a working PC?” “May the employer audit sick leave?” “Can a company turn a detective agency, to monitor employees?” what are the requirements a legally secure employee monitoring to comply with?” Further information about the explosive Topic “employee monitoring what is allowed?” can be found at, as well as interesting case studies from the investigation files of the Detektei Lentz (GmbH & co. KG) under.


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