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But with familiar orientation, religious and educational orientation, it has the possibility you insert individuals with future perspectives, in society that discriminates them and excludes. Keys Words? Creating, Society, Development and Possibilities. EMPREENDEDORISMO Dornelas (2001) appraises empreendedorismo as the envolvement of people and processes that, in set, take the transformation of ideas in chances, leading the success creation business-oriented. For Dornelas (2001), in any definition of empreendedorismo, the following referring aspects to the entrepreneur meet: Initiatives to create a new negotiate and passion for what it makes; It uses available resources of creative form, transforming social and economic environment where it lives; Accepted to take calculated risks and the possibility to fail. As visa, the reasons of the empreendedorismo, is that it searchs the auto accomplishment of who uses this method of work, stimulates the development as a whole, and the local development, supporting the small company, extending the technological base. With this, it creates jobs, it prevents traps in the market that is happened and reorients stimulates it Brazilian for the speed in the changes to the international trends, to adapt it in the market with ethics and the citizenship.

For Dolabela author (1999), the empreendedorismo is seen as the branch of the business administration. The author quotation that, in the first world the administration schools have a sector, a group, an area of concentration in empreendedorismo and MBAS, that focus this area. According to Dolabela (1999), they are common the Universities, mainly of the United States and Canada, to create a Center of Empreendedorismo, where next to the research and education in the area, connections are established to give have supported the emergent companies. As the author has between studious in the area of the empreendedorismo some, between which it includes itself that they defend the idea of that the business administration is contained in the empreendedorismo and that, all consider that the study (behavior of the entrepreneur), as source of new forms for understanding of the human being in its process of creation of wealth and personal accomplishment.


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