Fuel Charcoal

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In this design there is not much advantages: easily adjust the temperature, dirt, there is little, roaster heats up quickly, and so on BBQ, gas-operated, rather cha zhelye, so it is better to buy a model with wheels. Inpatient barbecue brick or stone the patio in summer can be a lot of fun Jet, but in winter it loses its meaning construction. Buy a portable barbecue to start, then if you do not change your mind, buy a set of metal components for the source and build the center, restoration enjoyed the scheme described above. Brickwork to lay out a snap. Even easier to barbecue, using the method of dry masonry. You need only purchase broiler with a lattice and dry, without mortar to lay down a tower of bricks as shown.

Fuel Charcoal – the most revered form of fuel for a bar-bekyu. For quick kindling you can use couscous kov charcoal, but charcoal Briquettes burn longer and hotter. Pan with aluminum foil can be laid out – it clearly reflects the warmth and easy cleaning broiler. You can buy quickly ignite charcoal, but usually use a simple charcoal and lighter – special for BBQ, or a conventional gas. Coal lay layers rather than a heap, and a gigue in several places. You can start cooking after 45 minutes. After kindling the fire. It is much easier to cook on the barbecue if use a contraction zhennym gas. Finished model barbecue, working on bu tane or propane in cylinders may be in the form of simple braziers and elegant carriages.

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