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Fuel Charcoal

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 14, 2016 in News

In this design there is not much advantages: easily adjust the temperature, dirt, there is little, roaster heats up quickly, and so on BBQ, gas-operated, rather cha zhelye, so it is better to buy a model with wheels. Inpatient barbecue brick or stone the patio in summer can be a lot of fun Jet, but in winter it loses its meaning construction. Buy a portable barbecue to start, then if you do not change your mind, buy a set of metal components for the source and build the center, restoration enjoyed the scheme described above. Brickwork to lay out a snap. Even easier to barbecue, using the method of dry masonry. You need only purchase broiler with a lattice and dry, without mortar to lay down a tower of bricks as shown.

Fuel Charcoal – the most revered form of fuel for a bar-bekyu. For quick kindling you can use couscous kov charcoal, but charcoal Briquettes burn longer and hotter. Pan with aluminum foil can be laid out – it clearly reflects the warmth and easy cleaning broiler. You can buy quickly ignite charcoal, but usually use a simple charcoal and lighter – special for BBQ, or a conventional gas. Coal lay layers rather than a heap, and a gigue in several places. You can start cooking after 45 minutes. After kindling the fire. It is much easier to cook on the barbecue if use a contraction zhennym gas. Finished model barbecue, working on bu tane or propane in cylinders may be in the form of simple braziers and elegant carriages.

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LED Lighting

Posted by laurapayne on Mar 7, 2016 in News

In the early 21st century the whole world paid attention to the rapid development of one area of physics – namely, optoelectronics (the region that includes the light-emitting diodes – semiconductor light sources). LED lighting LED (English light emitting diodes – Light Emitting Diodes) due to its cost-effectiveness, enhanced user resource and performance over the past decade, significantly pushed the position of the lighting apparatus – fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen and many others, quickly capturing nearly all the lighting market niches. Leading manufacturers of LEDs around the world are investing large sums of money in scientific and technological research and thus the brightness of LEDs has increased substantially, allowing their use in the headlights of cars, offshore lighthouses, architectural lighting, and more. Everywhere there increasing popularity of LED-system for millions of consumers, including in Russia. Improving each time the light output indicators (so far reached 145 lumens with a watt) enabled LEDs to get serious advantage over fluorescent lamps (light output of not more than 80 lumens from a watt).

But in addition to a high luminous efficiency, low power consumption and the possibility of any color light, LEDs have a number of other remarkable properties. Due to the nature of the nonthermal emission of LEDs, there is no filament, resulting in longer service life. Manufacturers claim the life of LED up to 100,000 hours, which is 11 years of continuous operation – period, comparable with the life cycle of many lighting installations. Very high mechanical strength and reliability on the absence of a glass bulb.

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Posted by laurapayne on Jan 26, 2016 in News

By definition, the electric voltage on the part of the chain is called the work performed by a single charge during the passage of this site. Namely, for his work in this world it is accepted to pay the money. Therefore essential (along with safety requirements) to connect the condition of any object is that all the TU power supply organization on accounting for electricity consumed, that is – work done electricity. In order to bring charges to the more convenient to measure recall that electric current – a value that shows the amount of charge passing through a conductor per unit of time. Consequently, multiplying it by the time and voltage, we get that same job. It is on this formula relies on electricity meters. Rotation speed (due to induction forces) aluminum disk is proportional to the current and voltage in the respective coils, and from time to time determines how much speed he makes at the same speed.

The rapid development of electronics not spared and electricity meters. Already the 70-ies (west) is the displacement induction meters with electronic weighing the benefits and additional features. This accuracy and mechanical reliability (no moving parts), and ease of verification, which reduces the software the introduction of the necessary coefficients. But the main thing – it's the ability to remotely read information (including – managed by a central computer) and an automatic change in the cost per kilowatt-hour, depending on the time of day when the most promising today multirate mode. Like any commodity, electricity is characterized not only by the quantity, but quality. Strictly speaking, the accounting of electricity involves measuring not only electrical work, and almost all the network parameters: peak power, frequency variations, voltage drops, leakage, reactive component, phase imbalance, etc.

Each value is fixed by the relevant instrument, and particularly important points are entered in a special paper journal, having the force of a legal document. Such information is of great value to economic analysts, the timely production of technical tasks to optimize energy consumption, improve efficiency and safe operation of electrical installations, resolving disputes with the energy supplying organization. The complex system of electricity metering exists not only in large enterprises. We also tracked individual consumers all the options, but for entire regions and localities. Prudent as the owner may on his own initiative to produce the most complete control of electrical quantities, and even on the scale of one apartment. Modern electronic meters combine many of the above features in one device.

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Coefficient Room

Posted by laurapayne on Apr 9, 2014 in News

Wood – a material much more lighter than stone. This feature allows you to make less massive and deep foundation of the house, making the cost of its construction is substantially less than the stone house. Wood – a material with a much smaller thermal conductivity than the rock. With this heat the wooden house faster and easier, and most importantly, the heat in the room lasts longer. The same tree keeps the room warm in winter and cool in summer. Air in room wooden house richer, thanks to the natural air change of a tree.

This provides a convenient and useful for human health atmosphere in the room. But in a stone house air is dry and saturated with carbon gas. Heating homes. Algorithm device. Question device heating equipment is decided at the design stage of your future home. Whatever the base material nor would have been elected to build a house, whether a wood or stone, a key role in the choice of heating equipment will play settings heat the room. In order to determine the choice of hardware power, it is necessary to calculate the coefficient thermal conductivity of all materials used to make the calculation of weather data, namely, the average temperature of the coldest month of the year. Note that in each room being built at home should have its own specific temperature, because heat loss calculation must be carried out individually for each room. After the calculation of heat loss was made, we can proceed to the choice of boiler equipment.

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Warehousing Equipment Electric

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 3, 2013 in News

Typically, loading equipment, intended for use in warehouses, divided into the trucks (electric, diesel trucks), electric-powered, hand pallet trucks and loading equipment. Depending on the equipped with special equipment warehouse, warehouse automated believe it or not, but from this depends largely on convenience of staff. Perhaps the most common type of material handling equipment in warehouses are the hydraulic carts. They are convenient because they can be used in any area of the warehouse from the largest to small stores and shops make it easy loader work. In addition, they are universal and are being implemented at low prices.

Also, they do not spend the fuel and do not require daily care. Pallet trucks are divided by type of load wheels. Trolley with one wheel trucks are called singles, and tandems are called trucks fitted with two-loaded wheels. They differ, and carrying capacity – mostly within the parameters of 600 pounds to two tons. Naturally, in Russia, with its bad enough flooring stores higher demand hydraulic trolley with rubber wheels metal. They are quite durable and can run even on old asphalt road. In the West, where stores have good flooring, more widely pallet trucks with nylon wheels (polyurethane) – they are much less damaging floors of warehouses.

But pallet trucks, of course, have their limitations and work with them is still quite difficult. In this regard, strongly benefiting from electric carts – they are easier to move goods and, consequently, they increase productivity. In addition, the trolley Electric able to perform certain functions fork and allow to solve the problems of transportation at the lowest cost. Manage this may even be electric-powered female staff.

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