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Since fire was available, was born the meeting around the common home to warm in cold weather and for the consumption of cooked foods. With the complexity of the food preparation in the mansions of more affluent people, shows the need for a separate space for this activity. In some tribal societies, this space is the availability of all, by the notion of sharing that prevails in them. With the division of human groups into smaller parts (family unit), the function of the kitchen remains but is individualized (the kitchen is part of the House). There are cases where, although accommodation is individual, the role of food preparation is communal. We find for example communal kitchens in ancient Rome.

In a House, the kitchen is the place where different foods are prepared. For activity and food processing. Any establishment in which is allowed to prepare food in sufficient quantity for many people is understood as industrial kitchen: restaurants, bars school or business, for distribution in large, etc. Obligations of food safety and hygiene that weigh on industrial contributed to check and study, so there are no crosses, inputs and outputs. Thus avoid possible contamination between raw materials which, wastes coming out, the food comes in course of preparation and the already finished. The material and the premises are specially designed to simplify cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel is the material of reference for devices such as tiles or tamper-proof coatings of the floor and walls that allow you to shoot a jet of water directly. The conception of the machinery and production methods tend to reduce the operators direct contact with food preparations, whether imposing the bearing of gloves, masks, clothing and hat or simply avoiding touch devices with hands grips: an example is the water faucets that are activated with the foot. Locals are becoming more isolated from outside with insulating doors and Windows and the use of the air conditioning allows you to reduce the risk of introduction of germs.

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