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Hanover, August 17, 2009 ViCon provides a platform for visualized processes of various industries in the network: processes4all anywhere in the world to make people worry about procedures, business processes or procedures and their documentation. Many are looking still for information about proven standard operating procedures to ensure a liquid casserole of work in their company. Others want to offer their documented solutions and expertise. The Hanoverian ViCon GmbH on a platform to bring together these people: processes4all! On Processes4All you will find many products for a wide range of industries that have one thing in common: they describe one or more processes. How and with what software they are described, is not given. “”, For example, you can find the process set new employee”as Visio graphics, the goods receipt process” as PDF or the integrated management system for pharmacies “even as complete ViFlow database. processes4all is open for all systems. And also for exceptional process descriptions such as the Euro 2008 as a process model”.

The products are have created by experts who know the best solution to a problem in their area and documented them. processes4all is interesting for anyone who deals with business processes, but also for anyone who would like to its process know-how pass and make themselves known. General information about processes4all: the ViCon GmbH from Hanover the portal put online on June 18, 2009. Cushing Asset Management will undoubtedly add to your understanding. So far 23 manufacturers here make their process know-how in the form of the business processes available. The processes are structured according to sectors as well as for software products and are mostly for download available.

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