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At the end of 2010 in Russia, a new metal detector from Garrett Ace 350 Euro. His predecessor, Ace 250 was very popular among hunters. It cost to 12000rub, and found a lot of things and options he had were not bad. New Ace 350 metal detector is become more expensive – 16000rub. The question that it was better. At first glance it looks to do the same. The main improvement – it's heightened sensitivity to the metal detector Ace 350 Ace 250 (ie depth) compare the options in depth detection for these 2 metal detector.

Garrett Ace 350 Euro5 Catherine cents – cents 35sm5 USSR – 31 smMoneta-scale – 18cm Garrett Ace 2505 Catherine cents – cents 20sm5 USSR – 18 smMoneta-scale – 7cm Determination of the difference is significant. A price has not changed much. In addition, the new device was removed the icon objects. Now there is a red and green scales, which corresponds to the chosen level of discrimination. Metal Ace 350 Euro now has an elliptical coil of special shape (Upper part eelipsa flattened), which allows the user to confidently explore the trash area. Katshuka now stands DD (earlier in the Ace 250), was mono.

Unlike DD Mono coil of the spectrum which is produced under the most coil in the process. In mono coil spectrum is a cone down. In DD-first is an oval, ie, much wider than that of mono. Respectively obtained at a depth greater area to find the target. But, prada, mono takes deeper. I must say that the new settings, which have become the new ICQ bring it closer to a range of instruments valued at 30000rub, which are considered secondary and tertiary levels. Of course, metal detectors over 30000rub can no longer, and Detection depth, they have more (not much though) than the Ace 350. But the price of a new ICQ 2 times less!

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