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Posted by laurapayne on Aug 26, 2021 in News

Summer again indulges us a bright sun and new surprises! It is in the system now and always placed the best deals for different days of warm! More than 1,100 active lots of flying mini-helicopters and apartments on the Volga until fluffy little kittens! Number of active registered users is growing every day, and even more rapidly growing number of guests who come on to a couple of minutes. We've been together for more than 20 months, and hope that life brings guests a favor and enjoy! In the "All-in-exchange" will be a place and collectors of coins and stamps, and creative people with their unusual things, and those who do not want to pay for a new pram, because it will become out of date in six months. But there is one thing in common – the courage and the temptation put up proposals. Boris gelfand is open to suggestions. The main thing to share – this or that can offer you, or something that aspire! Let it be attractive lots, and we will try to make your stay enjoyable in the system. Now more and more proposals put up "a gift"! Look for something for yourself or give yourself a gift! Not surprisingly, people with a smile and go on looking for something interesting! "All in exchange" – is a bright and friendly system, where every day there are new lots: crazy, attractive, vibrant, necessary. Moderators carefully watch a set of proposals, assigning ratings of most-most lots. Users make dozens of exchanges, which once again confirms that it is not useless things – just that you have not yet figured out what you want in return! Welcome – change or simply give the gift of fun all at! Try it, no, really, try and see for yourself!

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Souvenirs Changed

Posted by laurapayne on Oct 10, 2016 in News

Culinary Products Agree grandmother pies of childhood, you will not be able to make even the chef expensive restaurant. Sweet gifts remind us of those times when he wanted to jam a spoon, a candy – a handful. Of course, you can always present as a gift box labeled "roasted nuts, or a three-story cake confectionery, but people close to be much nicer to get home," gourmet "gift. Work up a sweat a little in the kitchen, you can build a castle out of dough, make a "bakery" flowers or to write the main words sweet custard. By the way, if you decide to teach someone a gift, take a photo of him in advance: a culinary miracle is unlikely to live longer "two cups of tea." Souvenirs Changed famous song, one might say that the gifts are different. Here and size does matter, and stuff … A few years ago were popular products of beads, in the past year were in fashion knitted things, bark Souvenirs also gain points.

Think of what you would be interested in working, and its stock of relevant materials and a guide to action. Of course, before you start making gifts, surely would have done "the first Shoot for yourself. However, having filled his hand, you can do new things faster. The right thing Exclusive gift can be not only pleasant but also useful. Kitchen wooden boards with burnt congratulations are usable by intended purpose. Knitted sweater you would call "a thing of the domestic designer.


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Turkish Beans

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 21, 2016 in News

The tastiest of roasting coffee and flavored coffee beans freshly obtained from. Fry should be so much coffee that can be used within 5-6 days. Raw coffee beans may be used immediately, or stand in a cool, dry place for 2 years, during which they acquire the specific attributes of the coffee. After such exposure beans are roasted at a temperature of 180-200 degrees, stirring constantly to evenly roasting. Make sure the coffee you get a medium roast, so it will retain its maximum flavor and aroma. Lovers of dark coffee roast coffee is recommended strongly, because the darker roasted grain, the more bitter than get you coffee. Experiment a bit to choose the degree of roasting the most appropriate for you.

Cooked in Turku (Cezve) coffee is served immediately after brewing, that is, very hot, as when cooling, aromatic substances evaporate. Turkish coffee Turkish coffee is a classic black coffee is prepared in Turku (Cezve), if the Turks (Cezve) No, you can cook in the enamelware. Pour the coffee steep boiling water and place on a small fire. Bring almost to a boil, but do not boil. Do not put on the fire again, as advised in some recipes to get worse taste. Coffee should be taken at the rate of 1 – 1.5 teaspoon to 1 cup, but this is about, as cups are different in terms of, and teaspoons, too. Serves Turkish coffee in small cups, with a glass of cold boiled water, which is very important.


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New Metal Detector Ace 350 Euro

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 23, 2013 in News

At the end of 2010 in Russia, a new metal detector from Garrett Ace 350 Euro. His predecessor, Ace 250 was very popular among hunters. It cost to 12000rub, and found a lot of things and options he had were not bad. New Ace 350 metal detector is become more expensive – 16000rub. The question that it was better. At first glance it looks to do the same. The main improvement – it's heightened sensitivity to the metal detector Ace 350 Ace 250 (ie depth) compare the options in depth detection for these 2 metal detector.

Garrett Ace 350 Euro5 Catherine cents – cents 35sm5 USSR – 31 smMoneta-scale – 18cm Garrett Ace 2505 Catherine cents – cents 20sm5 USSR – 18 smMoneta-scale – 7cm Determination of the difference is significant. A price has not changed much. In addition, the new device was removed the icon objects. Now there is a red and green scales, which corresponds to the chosen level of discrimination. Metal Ace 350 Euro now has an elliptical coil of special shape (Upper part eelipsa flattened), which allows the user to confidently explore the trash area. Katshuka now stands DD (earlier in the Ace 250), was mono.

Unlike DD Mono coil of the spectrum which is produced under the most coil in the process. In mono coil spectrum is a cone down. In DD-first is an oval, ie, much wider than that of mono. Respectively obtained at a depth greater area to find the target. But, prada, mono takes deeper. I must say that the new settings, which have become the new ICQ bring it closer to a range of instruments valued at 30000rub, which are considered secondary and tertiary levels. Of course, metal detectors over 30000rub can no longer, and Detection depth, they have more (not much though) than the Ace 350. But the price of a new ICQ 2 times less!

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