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Posted by laurapayne on Mar 15, 2019 in News

History of the Things the consumers had evolved very from World War II, our consumption of pra increased more than 50% here there, but this information does not have to be reasons of much joy, therefore we are using many natural resources in result of this high consumption. when I speak in use of natural resources, I cite an example that few people have knowledge, is that to each minute 2000 trees are knocked down in the Amaznia, if to continue in this rhythm we must have five planets, but as all we only know we have this, and still we are destroying.

The government would have to be more worried about this situation, in it finishes crisis that the world passed in 2008, the government alone asked for so that we continued buying and spending, without the least if to worry about the garbage that it is produced, the impact that this cause to the environment since what we buy it is lasting not more than what six months, and through this inadequate consumption the garbage production alone makes to fold. Although to exist the recycling of great part of ours garbage, walks is not the solution for all the produced garbage, since a small percentage only can be recycled, great part does not have forms of reaproveitar, an example the typical one is the electronic that modify to each year, making that what we use either unusable. From all the information that we have we must each time more search the awareness of others in relation to the future of our planet, not leaving that these information capsize comment plus a notice without impact in our lives.


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Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Posted by laurapayne on Oct 26, 2013 in News

Everything starts in a loving triangle. The corrompimento of the moral, through a Machiavellian order of the loving one, makes the main personage (Anses) to enter in a deep internal conflict. It will be that its personal values will say high more of what its pecaminoso desire? It is important to stand out the magnificent performance of the personages central offices. In the truth not only they, but of all the cast that it knew to locate itself, obeying feeling of each moment of the film, without the traditional exageros caricatos of the dumb films. The density of impressed me very to the interpretations, the point of, for times, I to enter of head in the scenes and to feel what the personage felt, or thought. Dawn, of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau is one of those films that they mark. That it is difficult to forget after having seen it. I do not mention only the wonderful photograph, with minutely well imagined plans, but yes to all the present emotion of the beginning to the end. When I speak in emotion, I say in amplest sensible of the word. Exactly at the moments of great irreverncia and the slightness, passing for the dense psychological conflicts of Anses and culminating in wonderful sequncias of great tension and expectation. Although the film to have exceeded my expectations, in if treating to Murnau we cannot wait any film, after all it is not to toa that this director was considered with Fritz Lang and Ernst Lubitsch one of the ccomplishing greaters German of all the times.


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