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It makes if necessity to warn that it has a retrocession in the ambient quarrels, mainly in these debates around the development, and its relation with the environment, that passes of a critical perspective in the decade of 50/60/70, with the critical proper a development idea, opposing the dominant vision that promulgated ' ' culto' ' to the development, (that it would be a solution for some social and economic problems), and gradually it is emptied in the conception of sustainable development. Elucidating all this antagonistic atmosphere of line of thought, different vises, and different interests C.W.P. Gonalves points that: ' ' Years 1950/60 hold this ambiguity with regard to desenvolvimentismo idea, whose effect will be felt in the new period of the globalization process that will be followed. It is that in those years if it questions the development there exactly where it seemed to have given certain – that is, in the Europe and the United States -, at the moment where this idea will be being recouped in Latin America, in Africa and Asia, when the theory of the subdesenvolvimento (Yves Lacoste gains body, Stolen Celso). In this manner, the desenvolvimentismo if spreads out in the Third World at the same time where the desenvolvimentismo was questioned in the Primeiro' ' (GONALVES, 2004, P. 25). The affirmation of Gonalves contemplates, for example, the reality of Brazil of this time, in the case a country of ' ' Third Mundo' ' , that it found in government J.K all the proposal and all the idea of desenvolvimentismo told for the author, and correspondent to other countries of ' ' Third Mundo' '. In the decade of 70 this antagonism concerning the problematic one of the development continues, and perhaps it increases for being more clearly the interests of the two vises. We can perceive this clarity and this antagonism in two events we importantssimos, that they had occurred almost parallel, that they are: The Club of Rome with the confection of the report ' ' Limits of the Crescimento' ' (1971), and the World-wide Conference on the Environment, in Estocolmo (1972).


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