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It is simple: the position of a position in the table happens of its relative value (weight, points, degrees, etc.) compared with excessively, this value depends on calculations that translate its importance or profile (professional preparation, responsibilities, abilities, etc.) in numbers and these numbers depend on the mathematical concepts that you go to apply. In my courses of Remuneration, when mentioning the necessity of this resource, I see some of the pupils to twist the nose justifying that & ldquo; they had opted accurately to Human beings to escape of the ghost of matemtica& rdquo;. But the nose soon comes back to the normal position when evidencing of that I do not speak of & ldquo; mathematics pura& rdquo; , but of applicable concepts in day-by-day, only that defined by a formula or equation (even so great part of these concepts already is available in simple accessible calculators and with the squeeze of a keyboard key). Therefore, it does not have as to separate OBJETIVIDADE of mathematics, for more eclectic than either its verbal expression, and not it has TRANSPARENCY without OBJETIVIDADE & ndash; not in this area! Finally, COHERENCE. The implantation of a remuneration structure is based on a flow, with intermediate stages that must be fulfilled before the following step and justifying it. Everything starts with the description of the position, which must justify the profile of the position and, this, its relative value. The profile of the position is based on abilities, some more or less important of what others, and this must be portraied by one weight, which must differently pontuar the degrees of intensity of these abilities.

This punctuation depends on the wage trend of the market in which the company if inserts (linear, curvilinear, exponential, parabolic) and this trend determines the projection of the bands for the company. The bands, finally, reflect & ldquo; nicho& rdquo; wage in which the company intends to act (average of the market, 1. or 3. Quartile). In summary, it does not have casuistry. The project has that to be coherent! Therefore, it does not enter in panic, he is not anxious ……. As they capsize, the TOC which I mention myself is healthier. So Paulo, Fevereiro/2012 Jose Francisco DAnnibale Partner-Director of the R$EMUNERA Consultoria in RH Ltda.


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