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Tenant Rights

Posted by laurapayne on Sep 20, 2018 in News

Rental or lease of a property, land, local or House is one of the main commercial activities developed today, however and due to the great popularity that enjoys this process is itself to be referred to a number of very important rights granted to tenants for the benefit of the same; Therefore, in the following article we will focus on show some of the most important rights. Dan Zwirn wanted to know more. The lessee is the person who acquires a property temporarily through the signing of a contract, this property can be catalogued in goods or services, this character instead of owning such property must provide the landlord a certain amount of money for periods previously stipulated in the contract. Tenants thanks to the exchange of money for property are benefited by some rights which are provide you with a temporary power over such property; some of these rights are: when the property is delivered to the lessee it must be in perfect condition in important aspects such as public services and infrastructure. The characteristics of the property or property described in the contract as the nomenclature, the boundaries and whether the physical characteristics, must be equal to the actual (physical) otherwise is irresponsible contract and serious foot to terminate or cancel the same. The lessee has the right to be prompted to directly type of use can be given to the building. Other leaders such as Ebay offer similar insights. It is important to mention that this also depends directly on the type of contract to which welcomed such lessee, is because the existence of the contract by urban housing or commercial service are responsible directly to limit any activity other than the not included in the contract. The lessor is obliged to provide to the tenant all copies of both access keys to property as closets and doors that are in the same; this with the purpose of caring for jealously the privacy and integrity of the lessee. The lessee has the right to remain in the property or property to date that appears indicated in the contract, however in case of abuse or breach by the lessee could be terminated this contract.

The lessee has the right of retention, which indicates that it can appropriate the property by certain time or deducted from the figure stipulated in the contract a certain value, if it performs property infrastructural improvements and the lessor does not recognize this value. The lessee has a right to the prior notice, which is very useful to indicate the date on which this will be banished from this property or to indicate when it has reached the limit of the contract. Although nowadays there are other rights, the above mentioned are some of the most important to take into account by the lessee at the time of obtaining a property or property.

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Posted by laurapayne on Sep 9, 2016 in News

'Where better to learn? " – The question seems to be one of those that will exist forever. Anyway, in today's society disparate individualists, where the personal life of every person in it, and only his hands. On the topic of dating has been written many guides as detailed or fleeting. Nevertheless, we try and consider some cases. The most common form – is an acquaintance in a restaurant, club, disco. This is not surprising, because such places are literally designed for singles.

However, statistics show that such dating is fraught with fast mutual disappointment and parting. It is believed by psychologists, it is in human mood, introducing a places of mass entertainment: subconsciously it is configured just for entertainment, which is why long-term relationship subsequently glued. Getting on the job, so well sung a Soviet film, life is not always turns so romantic. Actually, most dating as the initiative is not here – to get acquainted with working people one way or another have, and a separate issue it becomes. Relations between the blank partners with a very high probability can go into a legitimate stage, however, mutual sympathy does not always occur between free people, and this can already lead to a much more dismal outcome – because the phrase 'let will remain friends' works well only in the movies.

Another option dating, underlying all these fascinating stories, ranging from 'The Master and Margarita "and ending with a good half of the plot of romantic comedies – it is casual acquaintance, and, accordingly, the unexpected. Because of this, to prepare for it is not possible that, in principle, and well: fewer illusions at once – less frustrating after. The newest tool for dating – this is the internet. With each passing day the number of Internet-connected users increases, and is not expected obstacles to this in the future. For the insecure or just busy people, the Internet can be very useful means of dating. However, it is worth remembering that virtual dating pose a considerable risk of disappointment. The man behind the monitor may be quite different from what he represents – and even likely to be. Here You can only rely on luck and his own diligence.

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